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Who's going to BNP Paribas in Indian Wells this year in March?

I am planning to go this year, since I missed last year. Two years ago, I met Rod Laver and he signed my Adidas white jacket. The modesty of the champion was very disarming. I also saw Nadal vs. Tsonga, Djokovic vs. Canas, Federer vs. Ljubicic, Sharapova vs. Hantuchova. What a great day for me! Hope this year will be as good, or better.

Maybe some tennisopolis'ers should all go together, one day, I dunno...

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I am looking to go to Indian Wells this year.  It has been a while since I been.
Shoot, I'd really be hankering to play serve and volley on grass. Maybe with my other serve and volley friend, Paul Quinn. With wood racquets even.

A friend is most likely to be staying at the JW Marriott.  We are going to try to hit the clay & the grass courts while he's there.  :-)  Great idea to use wood racquets for the grass courts.  :-)  I might just have to do that.  ;-)


We should still try to get the 'opolians together.  Will try to meet up with the myth, the lengend, the one and only Mr. Mayor at some point at Indian Wells.  We should all hit some balls sometimes.

I would like to hit with Tennisopolis people, whatever level. My friend is having his 40th birthday party and is renting a vacation house there to see the tournament. I'll let you know the actual date.

Let's do it!  You will see that I am not a myth, just a kid with a dream.  A 41 year-old kid with a dream... of... let me get back to you on that one. 

I'll be staying at the Desert Springs Marriott too, but in the time-share villas to the immediate west.  It is hard to get time at those courts (you get one hour at a time max.)  I am going to recommend a set of courts that are really nice but for some reason not overly used.  I'll go look them up.  BRB

You'd really get along with my film director friend Ian. He's turning 40 and so am I this May. People can't believe I'm that age, but that's cool.

I think he's got the place on the 11th or so.

When are you heading out to Indian Wells?  Have you finalized your itinerary yet?


I stayed at the timeshare last year.  Never did get a chance to enjoy since I was at the tournament most of the time.

Last year was my first time there and I'll be going again this year! Not sure which days yet. I usually just buy the General Admission ticket since there's so much action on all the courts.


We could all get together and rush TW's demo court!


A few pics I took from last year....

BNP Paribas 2010

Like your pic of Fed's serve follow through. Definitely finishes different from Sampras.
mr. mayor and tim , you guys are on to something. let's meetup up there and grab a cool hit and a even cooler beer after.. :-)
I'd love a Blue Moon, a Sammy, and a Bass Ale. Yup.

Cool!  For those of us going to Indian Wells, join this group to stay connected.  This will help us organize a meet-up rally as well as some face-to-faces on the tennis grounds, so we can grab a margarita!

Join here to stay in touch:



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