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Who's going to BNP Paribas in Indian Wells this year in March?

I am planning to go this year, since I missed last year. Two years ago, I met Rod Laver and he signed my Adidas white jacket. The modesty of the champion was very disarming. I also saw Nadal vs. Tsonga, Djokovic vs. Canas, Federer vs. Ljubicic, Sharapova vs. Hantuchova. What a great day for me! Hope this year will be as good, or better.

Maybe some tennisopolis'ers should all go together, one day, I dunno...

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Going for sure.Haven't missed it since the last 2 years. :)
Were you there two years ago when they had the Laver/ Bud Collins thing? I got Laver's autograph!

Will be there too this year.  :-)  Actually, will be planning to check out the qualifier rounds too on top of the full tournament.


I remember that day you mentioned two years ago.  I was there too.  Nadal vs Tsonga match was fun.  Tsonga won the first set then ran out of gas and Nadal had his revenge from the Aussie Open lost that year on Tsonga.  Photos from that day are attached at the end.  ;-)


This year should be awesome.  It'll be the first tournament utilizing Hawkeyes on all courts at the tournament, including outside courts.  On top of that, I can't wait to check out Dolgopolov, Tomic, & Raonic on the ATP side at Indian Wells this year.  I'll get to see Raonic in person next week at the SAP Open first.  :-)  By the way, Pistol Pete is playing an exhibition match against Gael Monfils next Monday night there.  Should be fun.  


It's not a bad idea to get some 'opolians together.  Perhaps even a hitting / round robin meet-up would be fun.  


Awesome picture of the Rocket! That was the hat he was wearing. Yeah, the new young players you mention, I'd like to see, Dolgopolov, Tomic and Raonic. All interesting stylistically.

Sampras and Monfils? Great exo!

A Tennisopolis hitting session meetup at Indian Wells? Great idea!

That photo was taken after the session with Bud Collins, as he was leaving to head back to the main stadium. You should be somewhere within that vicinity at that moment. ;-)

Forgot to mention, Nishikori is another one that I would like to see more of. He is playing next week at the SAP Open too. :-)

Who's going to organize for the hitting session meet up? Probably should get Mr. Mayor involved since he should be going to the BNP Paribas Open too. I will be pretty tied up with photographing the tournament, but will participate if someone put the meet up together. Hopefully it can be in the mornings before the matches start. ;-)

Yes, I must've been right there because he signed my jacket on the sleeve and then he gave a talk Q&A and Bud Collins was going around with the mic.

Maybe I might organize. I'm in the middle of a possible move, so I cannot commit just yet.

No,I'd missed that laver-collins junket :( The idea of a hitting meet-up sounds great ! I'm down for it !

Be the organizer, Abs!

Perhaps getting someone in the Palm Springs Group involved to organize since the person will be more familiar with the facilities around there.


Here's a possible incentive:  play on all three surface types at the meet up.  JW Marriott Desert Springs has grass, clay, & hard courts.  ;-)


I would volunteer to organize the get together if I am not shooting at the tournament.  But I will be slammed while out there.  It's not unusual that I am shooting from 10 am 'til 1 am everyday at the tournament.


Must be really great to get all those pictures. What camera are you using?

So the Marriot has those courts all available? So if I rent a room there, I get to play on all of them?

Hmmmm, Tim, not able to reply to your post below.


Anyway, to answer your questions.  Yes, it is great to shoot as a press.  But it's a pure madness running between all the matches during the first week.  ;-)  I was shooting with a Nikon d300 as the main camera last year.  This year, I probably will be shooting the d300 in the day & the d7000 in the evening.  


The JW Marriott Desert Springs has all three surfaces.  You still need to pay for court fee if you are staying there.  I played on the grass court for the first time there.  It was a blast.  We wanted to do the "Grand Slam" surfaces that day but ended up just doing the grass court.

tennisbum,   I see that beautiful grass court every year and I have never seen anyone on it - so I figured that the court fee must be really high.  Do you remember how much it is?


@Tim, the courts are real popular (especially that weekend), so you can only get on one for one hour.  They are fully booked.  You can usually get a court if you go early enough, but they are strict about the 1 hour thing.


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