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My tennis future is pretty set. I will have my A.A. in about 6 weeks and am going to head down south to play some NAIA ball.

Sometime in the next 3 yr's though I would like to put some of my late mom's money into trying to chase a point.

All of the talk on coach V's pic got me thinking about the best way to go about this. Obviously, I will ask some of my buddies and post what they say here.

Pretty much anyone can get into the 128 qualies and this yr a couple of the 64 qualies would have worked. Obviously, here in california, it will be tough to get that point. Socal probably tougher. Worth playing bc it wont cost much to get there.

Where is a good place in the US? There probably isn't anything particularly easy in the US. What about somewhere more exotic. Where in the world is my best chance at getting a point?

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The guy I mentioned went to Tennessee if I remember correctly to get his point. I have a former tournament player friend from Thailand. Now that's another possibility which is more exotic (than Tennessee). :)
Sounds like some useful information. Pick that guys brain for me will ya?

Sam warburg's game is way sick but it's worth figuring out what he did in his early days because he is local. This guy witt livingston who isn't quite the same player as sam got a couple. I will talk to him tomorrow.

JB was telling me about a youtube documentary on this guy who dedicated all his efforts into getting one point, I will figure out what that was and watch it.

This sounds like more fun than anything and next to my education probably the second best use of my moms money.

Any tips you guys have would be great
Sure, I'll probably see him again this week and mention you. He was around Paradorn Srichiphan and played his brother.
That would be sick man. I have a feeling hal is holding out on some useful info for me =)
Not me, I have looked at some of the draws in the Caribbean and they seemed a to be softer. Depends on your favorite surface, but hard courts down there may be a possibility.
Clay is fine. I imagine that opens up the possibility for tournament locations in more remote locations?

I was using the word exotic instead of remote to be "cool"

You could try going somewhere really exotic, e.g. I know a couple of Brits were in Bujumbura for Burundi F1 this week (though neither picked up a point, so maybe scrap that idea!) and it was possible to head to Vientiane for Laos F1 earlier this year or to Teheran for a few Iranian Futures, if you're feeling exceptionally brave/foolish!

Probably more useful than those suggestions are the ITF statistics for main draw and qualifying cut-offs - the most recent I can find are for 2008 (see )

South and Central American Futures tend to be weak if you avoid the big tennis-playing countries like Argentina and Brazil - places like Venezuela and El Salvador look like good bets. I have noticed over the years that South African events tend to be weaker than you would expect and events in the French-speaking part of Canada, i.e. Québec, tend to be a lot weaker than other events in North America.

Good luck anyway, wherever you decide to go!


Hi Steven!  Good to see you.  How have you been?

Great tips for John!


Funny that you mention Iran. I have a buddy that has asked me to go with him to play futures over there two yrs in a row. apparently he does fine over there. His arguments are that his family is super well off and they can keep me safe. He also said I wouldn't be the only american in the draw

However, my arguments are that I will be the MOST american there and that the downside might not be worth the risk... could you imagine!?

It might not be a bad option...
John,  even though your buddy would give you the local treatment, be warned.  I was not up to speed on the current travel advisory for Iran and thought that you could certainly go there for a tournament, but I just read this and now I've changed my mind.  Iranian Travel Warning.  BTW, by "most" american, are you talking about your long blonde hair?

Come on John! You could wear some star spangled tennis shorts or maybe pull the flag out ala Falconi


Upon getting your point or (for fantasy's sake) winning the whole tourney, you could give this speech...



Good luck!


LOL!  Blond haired "dude" from California in american flag shorts and a matching bandana headband!  Taking down all the insurgents as he makes his way to his first ATP point, and BEYOND!!!

I'm working on the major motion picture script right now.


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