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What's your volley technique: Racquet head always up and knees bent?

I tend to think that there are other ways to hit a volley other than constant racquet head up and knees bent. McEnroe makes a solid case for not hitting this way. Especially on low forehand volleys, it can be more advantageous to hit with the racquet head more horizontal than vertical. The reason being it gives you chance to hit across on the ball and create lower angles rather than pop it up to two waiting volleyers ready to hit downwards.

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Hey Tim!

I'm making a video about this soon.  If you like this video, feel free to drop me an email at and sign up for my free newsletter!

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this!  Have a great day.


your website is down.

Yes. Updating as we chat. Would love to hear what you think about my video, coach. Your credentials and sense of humor are impressive! :)

i give the video a 45 out of a 100.  Unless you are familiar with tennis knowledge the average person will not see or understand what you mean. you must create a learning experience. but for those of us who play its a nice perspective which you point out.

Thanks for your feedback Coach!  My audience is definitely people who have played.  It's not tailored to people who are brand new to the sport.  That being said, I will definitely attempt to create more of a learning experience for everyone.  

Have a great day!

Yeah I do like the idea of 45 degrees being the basic swingpath. And if you wish to flatten out the stroke for the return or the passing shot, lower the swingpath angle. Have you read the tennisspeed blog?

Thanks Tim!  I'm glad you liked the video.  What else would help your game out?  

Actually you can flatten it out and STILL stay on the 45 by expanding OUT on the 45 (going concave in your arm to convex).  If you want more topspin, you can actually go vertically up on the 45.  Look at Nadal, when he hits his forehand, he really travels up the "backside" of the 45 degree angle (that's why his finish goes "up" and when he can't stay on the 45 any longer, it goes around his head.  When Fed thumps a flat ball, you'll see his contact is still on the 45.  

Haven't read the tennis speed blog yet... where can I find it?

Interesting you mention concave and convex because those are the words I think about when varying the backswing. I think geometrically about how to angle the prep, either forehand or one handed backhand. Check out

Cool!  Great minds think alike, Tim. ;)  

I checked out!  Great points, and I love how thorough the responses are.  Did you write these?

If you liked that video, I'd love to add you to my email list.  I send out 1 or 2 a week, and it's usually a funny/interesting/relevant story along with a quick video to help your game!  


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