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What other sports does tennis help YOU with?

On my other thread they were talking about martial arts. I have never heard of that. Cool!

I have heard soft hands help in golf later in life. (From more than one person) I have also heard of basketball for cross training. I don't do anything like that.

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Volleyball, is also a great crossover sport.  Hand eye coordination, quick reactions, touch, quick recovery skills. Works great on the legs too, helps with court coverage, and reaction time.
Handball, Squash,
Mark- have you ever heard of beach tennis? That is what I want to be someday =)

I played it. its like mixing volley ball & quickstart. Hear-say dont quote me - They are regulating it now with Paddle tennis racquets and quickstart Balls. its fun and a great wookout on your legs.


PS volleyball on Sand is better than indoors for tennis.

Yes, matter of fact I thought at one time they were creating a professional league.  Any word on that?  Talk about a work out, Tennis and sand.  Wow.

to be remotely good in tennis you must posses great skills in All or most of the following sports.


Boxing, Fencing, Football, MMA, Swimming, Cycling, Gymnastics, Basketball, Baseball, golf, Dodgeball, Chess, Soccer, Pingpong, Dancing, Ballet, Playing Musical instruments, Skating, Ninja Warrior, Jump Rope,.....

Ya, im pretty sure I am a mma fighter
That jump roper guy is SICK! The guy who jumps rope in the spin cycle room at the Hollywood L.A. Fitness hits his foot every six second. lol
That's Tennis footwork!
Cool vid
Jump robe requires Hand and feet coordination speed and endurance. one of my fitness drills is to have players jump rope on court and practice their movement examples: side stepping, changing directions while jumping.

table tennis lmao.  Soley for the conditioning of course lol.


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