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What other sports does tennis help YOU with?

On my other thread they were talking about martial arts. I have never heard of that. Cool!

I have heard soft hands help in golf later in life. (From more than one person) I have also heard of basketball for cross training. I don't do anything like that.

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Table tennis!!
the ball is smaller and its harder to see the spin so it helps a tennis player focus more on the ball. I play table tennis like Lawn Tennis, My pingpong friends Make fun of me.

This is how tennis should be played!!!!

Road cycling is great for the knees because you develop a strong quad muscle to support it. Boxing is great because you have to transfer weight compactly into the heavy bag. Also, the way Ali would practice his shuffle around the ring at camp is great for footwork around the baseline. Racquetball is great because you must stay low and pivot in any direction very fast. And it is nonstop during the point and less time used to rest between points.
That is a lot of sports. What elements from tennis help all those? I assume everyone is going to say footwork but the OG tennis pro's I talk to say the soft hands help them in golf ALOT

You need elements from all those sports to play tennis well. its the other way around.

Which Sport do you want me to explain first?

Everything relates. I once had a student who was a professional Cello player (a savant with phill harmonic)  at 13 been pro since he was10. I showed him how to slice backhand better by using the same skills of using the bow across the cello. feeling the strings use the racquet the same way to slice, it made sense to him and he instantly fixed his slice backhand.

I would agree with CoachV, that it's the other way around. I use my knowledge of tennis in the racquetball court, such as using the wall hugger, or alleys on the side in the racquetball court. It is very comparable to the passing shot. Racquetballers know I am also tennis player because I pass them more than the average player. 

I can't think of how tennis applies to cycling or boxing to improve the skill, except maybe the backhand punch, illegal in boxing. lol Well, like CoachV says, footwork and like John says, soft hands for golf.

That is a great example of the cello player and the slice backhand. I can totally visualize that one.

Cycling think more of Strategy. a single cyclist is nothing without a team and each team member has different skills. one is a great mountain climber, another is a great sprinter. as a team and individuals they work together but also for themselves. Many mind games are being played.


Boxing/mma/Martial arts, is much closer to tennis than anything else. Footwork, different sets of skills & abilities, taking and giving punches. just like in tennis. Except there is more learning available in Boxing than tennis. Because in boxing if you make a mistake you learn real quick not to do that. in tennis there are too many excuses y you can lose. in boxing you lose by getting your arse knocked out. in tennis excuse.... he hit too hard.

Here is my favorite example of Ballet. see if you can find any tennis movements in this performance.


Tennis has been a focus in our house for so long that we use other sports to help our tennis.  I found basketball and golf really improved my tennis game. Both my boys like soccer to help their game. Any sport that helps your hand to eye coordination and footwork (which includes tennis) is going to improve performance in a a different sport.


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