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My cell phone has about 32 tennis partners in it.  If I know you from tennis I'll add you to my address book this way "T Andy" or "T Jeff" for instance.  Then I can easily scroll through the tennis partners and see who I am in the mood for. 


In your opinion, what makes the perfect tennis partner?

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benefits * Wink wink ladies *
Whaaat?  I need to make sure my wife never has any private lessons with you.
second that, that's what gives tennis pro's THAT reputation. I actually like having partners who can drill and want to work on their game and mine, not the partner who wants to see how many winners he can hit. I really like to hit with some of the 5.0 ladies I teach, they are ultra consistent, but don't hit super hard so I can really focus on my technique and consistency. They get used to hitting against a heavier ball like some of the top 5.0's they play.
roflmao @ Mark.  I like to have different partners for different situations.  It's good to have a variety of different hitting partners so you don't just get use to 1 or 2 guys.   So to me, "the perfect partner", can be be different partners for different situations. 
Actually witnessed something like that.  A friend of mine got into the Air Force Academy once he started "teaching" a lady how to play.  I am was all on the up and up..   ; )
wait single ladies ok.
silly. Partners are hard for me. I know very few players here. back in NYC it was just a phone call to one of my boys.
What Makes a Good Doubles Partner is Communication & being able to read each others shots.
The perfect tennis partner is a player who is solid in both their game and their attitude while on court.  First, he or she should be consistent and patient with their shots but should also not be afraid to be aggressive at the right times during a hit.  He or she should hit with good solid control and should be able to use a variety of spins.  However, at the same the ideal partner should not rely heavily on any one type of shot (short slice shots for example).  Second, this ideal partner should have a good attitude.  He or she should be encouraging but also know how to give constructive criticism to help you improve your game.  The ideal partner knows better than to be loud and obnoxious after hitting a winner but isn't beyond a fist pump and a silent "come on."  The ideal partner should be able to control themselves after a frustrating game or match, and should never throw tantrums when his or her game is off.
As I work my way to becoming a perfect tennis partner, you touch on one of my areas that need improvement.  In doubles especially, I can get down on myself if I miss a few shots.  I don't throw tantrums but I do get negative.  Other than that, I'm god's gift to the tennis world.  ;-)
for hitting partners, someone who's at the same skill level maybe slightly better and really consistent with all shots.  10-15 ball rally at the minimum.  skilled shot or something in their game that you're trying to incorporate on yours and they're willing to share.  could be better movement and positioning at net, volley technique, poaching skills. maybe a running forehand, defensive slice that they have and can pass on and help fine-tune yours during hitting sessions.   in a way it's better to hit with females because they are more consistent and patient, at least in my experience.           
Doubles partner for me needs to be, fast, huge serve, great volleys, awesome returner, and never gets upset with his/herself or me....


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