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A few of my hybrid favorites. Share your favorites...


1. Luxilon Alu Power (mains) / Becker Bomber (cross)

2. Solinco Tour Bite (mains) /  Tecnifibre X-One Biphase (cross)

3. Dunlop Synthetic Gut gold (mains) / Luxilon Alu Rough (cross)

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1.  Gamma Live Wire (16G) - great pocketing and bite on the ball.  However, as my stroke develops, I'm finding the string      

     too fragile, lasting 20 hours or less (Prince Rebel @59 lbs.).

2.  Tecnifibre X-One Biphase - same as above, with a bit less feel, but lasting almost twice as long.

Tried Luxilon Big Banger (Prince EXO3 Graphite MP @ 56 lbs.), and it felt good for about two weeks, then strings felt dead.

For syn guts, I like Prince Syn Gut with Duraflex.


Live Wire has great bite on the ball. It's too bad it doesn't last longer. If the price went down to $8 a set, I would use it. Gamma makes some great stuff, including racquets.

X-One Biphase, Djoko's previous string choice, has that super smooth feel. Plays alot like gut, but I could not play it without a poly cross. Too much power for me.

Have not used Livewire xp, but like Gamma Livewire Professional,if that's what your talking about Tim, I can get for around that price. Personally, I've been using Lux M2 very cool string for big hitting, and slice and dice. Also, found an awesome price on that stuff.

Hmm, it's too bad you don't live next door to me. I would get some. I tried M2 in a hybrid with Fischer M Pro string which felt nice. But M2 in full felt like a more refined Lux Original to me. 

Try Lux Ace with syn gut at 49 lbs. Awesome hybrid for slice and dice too.

natural gut, it turns your racket into a magic wand and generates tons of forgiveness, also it create a lot of confidence you can't maintain. what is there not to like about that stuff!
Only one thing: the price. Haha!
Gosen polyon ice 17g mains, Gosen og-sheep 17g cross. 48lbs it lasts for ever. the longest has been 4 months, shortest was 2 for tournaments.

Ugh, hate to say it, but I hate Gosen Polylon Ice. Feels like clear plastic. lol But I can't argue with the price of either Polylon or Sheep Micro. :)  

Does it really last that long at 48 lbs? Incredible!

Yes. Gosen polyon ice is a pure polyester string. & many players dont like the stiffness.( you got to wear it down to feel better, it plays great when its about to break. )

 the trick to the string is its the hybrid half. a Good synthetic gut supporting the polyon ice makes the price, playability, & endurance of the string worth while for frequent string breakers.

I will break luxilon string in a week or 2 weeks consistently that's about $60 a month if you buy in a store.  I will break synthetic gut 17g 1 day on any surface if I'm playing & training for tournaments.

sometimes the ICE is very annoying when i have a tournament...

I don't know when the string will break. the synthetic gut Crosses break more often than the mains and I only string my racquets when they break. 

example: My last tournament I was playing with my racquet for over six months. it finally broke in the second set of the semi-finals and it was the Ice in the mains. the Crosses synth-gut was so flatten out it might as well be hair. Then I have to switch racquets to a fresh racquet.

the fresh racquet the balance & weight is off like a gram here or there so switching is annoying. I have to strip down both racquets & balance them. that would require breaking the strings at the same time. which almost never happens. :'(

BUt I have a new Contract with Wilson ( yaa ) & will be getting the 2012 line up of new racquets. so the entire customizing of my racquets will have to wait until I receive my new ones to fix all the balances of all the racquets, so five racquets I have to customize...that suxs, the time I mean.

I will try out Ice with Dunlop syn gut then. I can get Ice for 3.99 at the local shop in L.A.. I have one racquet out of my 5 Prestige Mids where I just use full Dunlop synthetic gut at 65. I get it for 1.99. But I need just a touch of cut and I'm tired of paying $15 for Luxilon on every one of my racquets.

I like to keep a couple racquets with budget stringing, when I hit public park night doubles. There's so much dirt and leaves on the courts, doesn't make sense to waste good string on that.

I don't know about Head quality control on my Prestige Mids, but the five I have feel almost the same in balance. I've had to lead the head a bit though recently. 

Hey, let me know what that new Fed racquet feels like. I heard they are ramping up the stiffness to RA 70 and putting that Amplifeel in the handles, whatever that is.

dang five free rackets, I only get 3 with my contract, :( the new sticks look sweet hope they play the same.
shoot, I had to buy mine. must be nice to have a contract, guys...


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