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I am thinking the streak stops in Rome.  I just think it is all going to be too much for him to handle.  A person doesn't change from being mentally fragile to mentally indestructible in a matter of a couple of months.  I just don't see it continueing.  Any thoughts....?

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Grandpa still has it! Hehe. But my boy Nadal will prevail!

of course you were right about any player on an unbroken string its an immpossibilty. he made a move out there at center court today at match point. when the growd was whipping it up he tryed to stop the cheers. i know the growd was pro Federer

too. but i think they wanted to see him lose. because he has not established the fact that he is ALL THAT, just yet. 

Wow, what a French Open.  Full of surprises and for one Nadal Fan, pure elation.  #10 G.S. for the man.  When Fed didn't get that break at the beginning of the 4th set, I knew it was over.  Rafa had that look in his eyes again.  He is back.  I also have to say how disappointed I am in Djoko.  Minutes after loosing, he withdraws from Queens due to arthritic knee.  Almost blaming that on his loss to Fed.  Of course he had nothing to gain by playing at Queens since neither he nor Rafa had done well there last year, and has no impact on their rankings.  Looks like Rafa will have to win Wimbledon and Djoko will have to not make the finals for the rankings to stay the same.  What a great year for Tennis.
If Roger Federer hadn't used the "wayback machine" and taken out Novak in the Semi's of Paris Novak would still have an undefeated season! Djokomania is running wild!
Like I said earlier. Novak Had the Best chance in winning the Sha-BANG all 4 Tennis Mastery. Federer Just had to be Greedy and Make sure that no one would over shadow his Career..... Because if Novak would have one the french, Which he probably would have he would have been the first person in MANY YEARS to win a season Grand Slam. like I said also He would be #1.
LIke I said again NOVACK #1
Yes, I agree. Novak is the #1 player this year. Even if he somehow manages to lose to Nadal tomorrow, he is the man to beat.
Okay, enough of the band wagon Djokovich fans.  I wish he would have had to play Fed at Wimbledon, I truly believe that it would have been a repeat of the French.  Too bad Tsonga got hot for one match and then disappeared for Djoko.  Oh well, the burden falls to Djoko to defend all those points next year, which I don't think he will be able to do.  Just my opinion.
ok he played into the #1 spot, he just don't fit the mode of a champion who just gets better in defense of that position. he was beaten in the French open and looked like he could not take the heat from a solid attack that kept coming. again hear in England he was laying out on the lawn like a beaten man.
Even Federer says he deserves the #1 spot, even though Fed beat him in the French. It is true Fed has Djoko's number, because Fed is a better fast and early hitter. But Djoko has Nadal's number and Murray's. He is dominant, but I don't think he's as mentally dominant as Lendl or Sampras was yet.

Defending points must be a pain in the tennis shorts for anybody. So the top dog can never lose or he drops faster. What a format.

Well, I agree Fed would've been real trouble at Wimby for Djokovic. But it is Fed's problem of not closing out, not Djokovic's. He didn't close out Djoko last year at the US Open. Tsonga only followed Djoko's example. :o 


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