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I am thinking the streak stops in Rome.  I just think it is all going to be too much for him to handle.  A person doesn't change from being mentally fragile to mentally indestructible in a matter of a couple of months.  I just don't see it continueing.  Any thoughts....?

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Djoko goes down in the French!!!!  Ummmmmm....where is Goran and his "Dream Box" or PS3?  How do you like them apples?   We called it guys!  Well, most of us anyways!  Mart T, looks like we got what we want bud!   Wooooo hoooooooo!

I did not have a chance to see a match, but based on information it was incredible. Today Federer deserved to win and no excuses for Djokovic. Regarding PS3 he will still hold on it, since season is not over and Djokovic can start a new wining streak.

I do expect for Nadal to win since Federer never had a key for Nadal's backhand. This year Nadal was served perfect draw and he was able to build his game and confidence that was in turnmoil.

I was not that surprised that Federer won but I thought if he won it would be by a point or two, not convincing like this.   Nadal was likely given a gift.
I hope you get to view the match Goran.  It was awesome to watch!  Federer's serve was viscous.  I can't take any credit from Djo, he played a good game.  I agree with you that Nadal will win.  Djo however, is definitely the most improved player, and I have no doubt we will be fighting for the #1 spot sooner or later.
IM sorry I was hoping he win. I think I was the only one. BUT I would like to see FEDerer MAKe 17. LIke that old 80s song. She was only 17? Does anyone know the name of that song?

goes down this weekend!


well i get to reply to my own post. the bigger you get the more noise you make when you fall........
So true.  You were right.  I love Fed and I think I was rooting for him against Nole, but I think in hindsight it would have been better to have a Nole v Rafa final.  I think it would have been closer and more exciting.

The match wasn't really that good. The only sustained period when both were playing well was the last few games of Set 3.  Other than that, when one was UP, the other was DOWN (or just ... flat).


I'm a Federer fan.  I am pleased he won.  (He's going to have to play significantly better to beat Nadal.)  Even though I'm a Fed fan, I'd rather have seen Djoker's streak end with him playing as solidly as he has the last few months.  But....

I agree. That's why Fed won today, because Nole wasn't playing his best. And Nadal will be Champ tomorrow!

Just a couple observations... I think Fed could have converted more break point chances for sure.  But, overall I think he played pretty solid.  His 18 aces were spectacular as was his serving overall.

I think the first set was pivotal when Fed pulled out the tie-breaker.  Had Djokovic won that, it could have been a different outcome to the match.  And Djokovic really seemed to get frazzled when the referee warned him about taking too much time before serving during the first set.  The commentators were also saying that the French crowd seemed to be pulling for Fed a little more than Nole and that may have played a factor.

I didn't think that that Fed had too much of a chance on Friday with the "Most Dominant Athlete in the World" standing across the net from him. Fresh off of 4 days rest because of a walkover, I thought Nole would have tuned Fed. However, the "Grand old Man" of tennis showed that he still has a little greatness left to share with us! I hope Roger can show us a little more tomorrow and beat the "king of clay" in his own house!


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