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Lack of $$$$$$$$$$$

Lack of Honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lack of travel.............

Well what than????????????????

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Age (and all the aches and pains associated with it), weight, and too much of a good thing (i.e. overplaying)!
can any of that be overcome, of course the aches and pain can be managed effectively.weigth and to much of a good   tennis is the cure!
Sucky serve.  I need a serve overhaul - or a new way of thinking about the serve.  I want it to be a weapon, but it is so damn inconsistent.  And when it starts going off in a match, it can wreck the rest of my game.
Weight, and aches and pains.  Yes, totally related.  Need to be better motivated to trim back down. 
Wife, Kid, Job, School, and the three that you mentioned. I'm lucky to even know what end of the racquet I should hold.
LMAO, isn't that the truth.  I am lucky to play once a week, and that's if the honey-do list is manageable.
Time seems to do it for me.
Mark Just check out my service video. and KIS it. keep it simple
The things that hurt my game are stamina and patience. I'm sure that if I were healthier, my stamina would be there. And with that stamina, I would be more patient in trying to figure a way to set up my shots. Alas, it's a dog eat dig world since I'm also playing tennis to get healthier! I guess that's the whole point: even if I lose, I win since I'm getting healthier. :)


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