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What are the Top Ten Reasons to hate..........................

Maria Sharapova

My First and only reason she is a cheater!

Her yell last until after the ball bounces on the opponents side, which I can argue is a form of cheating.

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Yeah man I'm with you 100 on that. She can't even say its cuz she's exerting power cuz even the williams sisters who hit harder than any of the women on tour grunt, but not SHRIEK. Its very aggrevating and I would also aruge is a form of cheating.

It has been proven that Tennis players use the sound of the bounce to help them time the ball. also Sherk-a-Pova screech last different intervals.
I totally agree with you, and I also think she talks to her box, and breaks the time code violation.  Yes, she is nice to look at, but man she is bad when it comes to these items.

The Shriek is the number one thing!

2) Her game is cookie cutter to all the the other academy clones!

3)The blatant signals with the dad in the stands.

4) The glowering, slouching fist pump. A fist pump should extend from the body for the world to see, embrace, or fear. MaSha internalizes it as if its only for her.

5) The clunky robotic movement. Nobody says you have to look like Henin on the clay just try not to look like Ivan Drago!

6) Only one major title ahead of Kuznesova but has tons more prestige and endorsement dough!

7) Russians try to make people say her last name in the russia manner sha- ra- PO-va and she says it in the American manner Sha-Rah-pova

8) Likes to beat the US in Fed cup even thogh she has been here since she was six!

9) Natural born lefty! I can't stand those guys!

10) Left Prince for Head (ummmm better leave it at that.... must bite tongue!)

With all of that I must admire the desire and fire of the Queen of the Ruskie tennis Empire (channeling my inner Spadea)! She won't stop fighting 'til she is dead and that is a trait I wished more tennis players (men and women) had!


Is it a fight for tennis or greed?

The glowering slouching fist pump. Hah! That's what I "hate" about her. And her double faults on big points. And small.

anybody else dislike or HATE HER!!!!
10. Little visor
9. Scream on court but not in bed or toilet.
8. her fist pump
7. outfits
8. Over payment from prince
thats all i got now.

Little visor is terrible, like the one Roddick used to wear. lol

I totally forget about that.  He started going bald then the cap went on.

you can dislike someone but hate is strong passion, so its better to avoid it
Even better to avoid disliking as much as possible, would you agree?


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