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I have to vent.  I have to let it all out or my brain may implode!  Am I the only one?

I am constantly amazed at how confusing the USTA site is, especially given all the resources they have.  Actually, I am hard pressed to think of another site of any kind that matches this labyrinth of links and dead ends.  It is actually such a bowl of spaghetti that it is difficult to even explain the problem succinctly.  There seems to be two parallel universes in the tournament area, and about half the time I enter the wrong wormhole and end up in a house of mirrors.  About 6 months ago, the USTA site was prompting visitors to take a site survey.  I gave it one star ratings across the board, but nothing has really improved since then. 
p.s.  The adult area and the junior areas are equally muddled.  They spared no one.

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It's not confusing at all, Mark. You just have to approach it the right way.  First, stand on one leg, then put the other leg behind your head.  Hop around in a circle for five revolutions, and then take three shots of whiskey.  At this point, the website will start to appear more comprehensible, but you're not there yet.  Orient yourself so that your feet face the ceiling.  This is a crucial step, as the sudden rush of blood to your brain opens up previously unused neural pathways.  Finally, and this is extremely important, cross your eyes as you peruse through the site.  It all should be crystal clear at this point, and if it's not, start from the beginning and do everything in the proper order.  Happy surfing!

Maybe they will!  Or maybe the twitterverse can get #USTAsitesucksballs to the top of the trending list.

I didn't think Taylor Dent could turn super saiyan. I agree with you though Mark. I hope they see this board :)

He's not turning Super Saiyan, he's "Hulking" out.

My thoughts exactly! I've been trying to decide if it's worth my time to invest in a membership so I can join a league or play in some tournaments but I can't even figure out the tournament schedule.  Thinking I'm probably going to give it a pass.

I hate the site because it doesn't get to the point early on. You have to click two pictures that are so generally related before you get to the meat and bones, which is the advanced search. "TennisLink" makes absolutely little linking sense, because it can lead you to find a partner, find a league, find a tournament, etc.. They should eliminate that and just have "league", "tournament", "partner" instead of the "hall of mirrors" effect Mark mentions. It's a wasted link to have to wade through these pictures of players pretending to have fun. lol

I hate the usta site, It took me forever to find my league team.


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