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Trial hit tonight with the new Federer racquet, the Wilson Pro Staff BLX 90!

First thing you will notice is the change in the weight distribution. It may state the same 12 pts headlight balance as the K90, but there is definitely less density in the hoop. The new PS BLX 90 feels much more maneuverable, verging on the maneuverability of my Head Youtek Prestige Mid. 

Second thing is you must hit even more out in front with this racquet, even more than either the K90 or previous BLX 90. In fact, I could not hit my usual double bend Western forehand. The result was little power from a mostly pronated stroke. But when I switched to extreme Eastern and hit through with a closed racquet face and pulled hard, the result was tremendous zip. So it is definitely geared towards the Federer style of play or Eastern grip users.

The PS BLX 90 feels nice and slim, actually is glossy and has a very nice paintjob, if you don't mind the Egyptian gold stripes on the tip. 

But the thing that makes me nervous is that the feedback is completely muted. I do not know where the ball is on the strings, whether I hit it near the tip or towards the center. I would have to hit for a month to get used to that. I've read the handle is totally filled with silicon and another person said they added graphite to the handle. Whatever it is, the handle does feel densely cushioned with something.

I definitely liked how it served though. I was getting a touch more zip than my Head Youtek Prestige Mid. Well, I'm not totally sure I'd switch to it. But maybe if I played extreme Eastern forehands, I would switch in an instant.

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I tried this racquet with a different string, Sensation rather than NXT, and with an overgrip added to the leather. I could really hit with this thing! Western grip or Eastern grip, didn't matter. The balls are all with great pinpoint control. The feel was much better, like a dampened piece of steel, a touch K 90 like. I almost think it is better than my Youtek Prestige Mid, except maybe a touch less spin and not as much on the serve. The volleys are more solid, I get a better cut on the ball for drives, the balance is just feathery and quick, more liquid than the Prestige Mid. 

Hi Tim! Sorry bout last time- The rains poured and killed my internet. I currently have the KBT's and I'm considering demo'ing the PS 90, 95 and 100. Which of these 3 come close to my current sticks?

Spec wise the 90 and 95 seem comparable but nothing comes close to play testing :)

I haven't tried the 95 or 100, but I could see someone switching to the PS 90 if his/her skill is up to it. I would probably demo the 95 and see if that works.

Let me know when you get to use it. It's been raining here off and on so I haven't made my way to tennis express.

ok...I will try and grab the demo from the shop today. I have the new IG Radical Pro and the Volkl Organix 10 325 and the IG Extreme Pro right now to demo.

Have you gotten a change to try them out yet?

the Prostaff 90 is lighter for me by a 0.5oz or a 1oz. its annoying.....i have also gone from a 4 grip to a 3. I wonder if that has to do with anything with the weight change i feel.

PS the New colors make it feel Shorter. thats annoying to me too.

I have also stop using my poly stings for a bit as i wait for my arm to heal from injury. So I also lose more weight. IM using 17g

  I love my racquets at 13once or at 370grams to make up 20plus grams on three racquets with even balance will have to wait for a rainy day....Cause I don't have the Time. BUt Since my arm is injured I am enjoying the Lighter Racquet for feeding & hitting. I can bulk up When my arm heals. over all the glossy paint job I chipped it already. Iam gonna have to get some nail polish to fix it.

I tried the PS 90 this morning and I had to change my swing a little bit more into a full speed whip. Then I was crushing the ball with plenty of spin! I really like this racquet more and more. Believe it to be more stable and accurate than either the Youtek Prestige Mid or the newer IG Prestige Mid.

But I ended up finding two Head Pro Tour 280s (Djoko's actual prostock frame) mint and like that better. More spin than these 90 heads and I never shank the shot with a 98 head.

l like 355 or 360 grams. If you have to customize, you're going to have to silicone the handle perhaps 15 grams and then add 10-12 of lead in the hoop.

I like using a Head Radical to feed. I won't even bother feeding with a 90 head. The kids can't tell the difference. :) 


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