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CoachV & Derek D will discuss the New Old Man VS the Old Young Man Woody VS Graphite Tennis Match. 

Discussions will include Tennis Games & Strategy, Skills development, Training & Technique.

We will give an over-all Break down of our history together, what happened in the match and give as much as we can. Our combined experience and the generation gap will give perspectives which will be a benefit for all players looking to evolve ( Get better Fast & Simple ) their tennis game.

We will answer any questions posted here! also Check in here to show your interest in our chat session!

First Set CoachV 6-3

Second Set DerekD 6-4

Third Set CoachV 6-4

Special Exhibition match:at 43:30

Tie-Breaker Woody Squash Racquet VS. Graphite Racquet

DerekD 11-9

Please Watch & Like this video. this is the match. also use time to reference

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I'd agreee to that analysis. The hard neutral balls down the center did leave Derek open to a reset of the rally. Then V took advantage of that with his own shot to the corner from the center.

Also, that 3:27 point was a spectacular shot down the line, with a wood racquet nonetheless. I do remember this point. Not really a mistake there by Derek. Just got taken by the great backhand shot.

the mistake was assuming that i couldn't make that shot. Underestimating or taking for granted.

and your Right!, but its the Emotional damage i am doing with that backhand. typically after a shot like that, a players emotion/confidence goes down. Derek is a Typical player / headcase when things go wrong everything goes wrong. you can see it in his demeanor. I use big shots like that to TAKE the momentum and begin to destroy the confidence of the opponents. I also teach all my students to do the same.

at 749 is the Start of the Second set. Derek asked me to change racquets to make things fair-er . I switch to my JK-Professional Prostaff. this racquet make me nervous because of the weight which is 14oz and the size five grip. I become very concerned about my arm. also the adjustment from a 3 to a 5 grip and adding 1.5 oz to the racquet i thought would be interesting. but it did make my shots suffer including my serve. No i have played with this racquet before but not in a match setting.  after derek had a 4-1 lead he allowed me to go back to the snawert . if the grip was smaller on this prostaff i would have felt more comfortable. but i could not risk arm injury again.

Well, that is interesting regarding the racquet change and how it came about. Yeah, that grip change and weight change is dramatic. Glad you went back to the Snauwert.

at 12:45 going behind derek for the Win, the ball hits the net cord and bounces out by 1 to 4 tennis balls

the Slice at 15:00 i could not change the grip properly due to the size. I turned it to the continental then tried to slice it back.....FAIL

at 16:56 i hear SAL talking while im serving from where im at... it sounds like he saying that i cant serve or throw. I was having a hard time serving with the five grip. I couldnt use my whip trick because the grip was too big. me and derek were talking real quick at the net about how Sal is yapping away.

Hearing someone say that would annoy me. Just sayin'.

at 18:35 i hit my magical backhand derek barely gets there and put the ball back in. thats why i didnt run it down. i didnt think he would get it. but he did.

But the amount he had to run for it cost him the next point with a double fault.

21:12 Derek lets me go back to the Snauwert. watch the come back. its also the end of the second set. third set starts. LOL

Derek......on 26:39 I attempt a high Lob for defense and Offense.  this is a shot you need to incorporate into your tennis game the extremely high lob.


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