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Tonight at 10pm Eastern time

CoachV & Derek D will discuss the New Old Man VS the Old Young Man Woody VS Graphite Tennis Match. 

Discussions will include Tennis Games & Strategy, Skills development, Training & Technique.

We will give an over-all Break down of our history together, what happened in the match and give as much as we can. Our combined experience and the generation gap will give perspectives which will be a benefit for all players looking to evolve ( Get better Fast & Simple ) their tennis game.

We will answer any questions posted here! also Check in here to show your interest in our chat session!

First Set CoachV 6-3

Second Set DerekD 6-4

Third Set CoachV 6-4

Special Exhibition match:at 43:30

Tie-Breaker Woody Squash Racquet VS. Graphite Racquet

DerekD 11-9

Please Watch & Like this video. this is the match. also use time to reference

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First BIG POINT to Hurt Derek is at time:320

Backhand Down the Line

( aka the backhand he never saw before )

Things i think i do Well.

1. I can put the ball away almost at any time on the backhand side.

2. i can change direction of the ball at anytime with the forehand.

we only have 13mins of the first set.

So those were the scores! Well, the 50 min video can't be the whole match. The video looks good though, but chunks must be missing.

Chunks are missing and I'm running late will be on shortly.


CoachV is my tennis god.  Very few players make a significant improvement in their tennis game at the 15-20 year mark of their career.  CoachV has done just that.  Everything he does is better, but what stands out is 1) serve  2) racket head speed so great that he was able to produce (with a wood racket) hard-angled-heavy topspin groundstrokes against my best groundstrokes.  Obviously, his groundstroke technique is far superior to mine.  Amazingly, I did not notice a big difference between CoachV's wood game vs his graphite game.  His kick serve (about as good as mine) was the only shot that was significantly better with more spin with a larger graphite racket.    Both sessions were close.  CoachV had me 7-5, 3-2 with his 90 square inch Federer racket before the rain halted play on Wednesday.  I had 1 set point in that first set.  After that first session, I concluded that V had no chance with a wood racket.  Then on Monday he beat me 6-3, 4-6, 6-4 with his 66 square inch wood racket.  He is mentally tougher now than he was at 25.  Although I did not play my A+ game like I did in the tournament that I won 2 months ago; I did play my A game.  All the other players in my park were equally amazed at the power CoachV was producing with an overly flexing wood racket.  The bet was $50 (not $100) and CoachV was kind enough to kick back $10 to me by betting me $10 that he could beat me in a tie-breaker with an ultra small old wood squash racket.  I won but V had one point for the game!  Later on, V played the number 2 seed in the tournament I won, beating him by the same score that I beat him by in the tournament; 6-0, 6-2.  That result absolutely convinced me that I played decent tennis and should not feel embarassed.  Like John Henry (the steel driving man), CoachV's technique overcame modern technology.  I do believe that I have a 25% chance of beating CoachV in "Old Man/graphite racket vs Young Man/wood racket 2" in 2013.

"Later on, V played the number 2 seed in the tournament I won, beating him by the same score that I beat him by in the tournament; 6-0, 6-2. " -DerekD

Yes but when i beat the #2 i used a wood racquet as well. so in conclusion I am the KING of Pelham Bay Park and Now the D in Derek's D stands for Duke of Pelham Bay Park and Rules in my Absents.

That #2 player had eaten an entire chicken at Boston Market.

I'm sure you should cut him some slack.

um no excuses please. i just finished playing 2.5 hours and was cramping in my stomach badly when i beat you.

ps Derek & i beat you and jon like nothing before my match against derek.

Derek Defenses are bad at 2:26 & 2:52  opt: Lob into corners, Slice short angle near singles and service lines Drop Shots or more loopy shots ( push Baby ) that move me instead of going for the big hard shots that you hit in the middle & did you in derek.  Derek you Need more angles on hard shots. similar to the 3:27 point when you pulled me out wide. ( but i hit a bigger shot backhand down the line that you were not expecting then dejected attitude again.)


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