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What did you think of Verdasco failing to close out A-tomic? You don't see 2 sets lead be blown to bits too often, excepting Fed v. Tsonga and Fed v. Djokovic.

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I had Tour Bite at 49lbs (remember that the Melbourne strings up tighter, more strings and the grommets are different at 3&9 so it felt more like 55-57ish)

My usual set up in my bc20 with TB was @58lbs but I would say they felt great after a session and I would drop the tension to 45lbs if I was to string with TB again.

Im in the process of trying a few softer polys to benefit from the cupping action and dwell time the melbourne has.

I again strung Pros Pro Blackout (imo exactly the same as black code or b5e) too tight thinking it was softer, it was softer but it was still stiff so I made the mistake of stringing at 52lbs (felt like 60!!) when again they should have been 45lbs.

Next in is Hexaspin twist a Pros Pro copy of barb wire. It looks and feels identical, its really stiff to feel but the reviews say its much softer in play. Again this was my opinion of Barb Wire, stringing was a pain but it actually played much softer than TB. Biggest problem with twisted strings is predictability and side spin but hopefully in the slightly denser pattern this should work well.

Discho Iontec is on its way some good reports on playability and tension maintanence. Also Iontec Hexa which I think is the same as Pros Pro Hexaspin, both on their way.....

Im really happy with TB at low tensions (45) and the Blackout played superbly well and the others Ive got are a touch softer with hopefully the bite of TB, If i can get that added dwell time and cupping action of the softer poly with the ball grab of TB then Im a happy boy for sure.


Will keep you informed, prob start a discussion.

That's the strange thing with crispy textured strings. You'd think they'd keep the tension but perhaps it's the lack of elasticity and more brittleness, which causes it to lose tension. I felt that way about Cyclone 16. Perhaps I should've strung that at 45 and not at 61. lol

I was curious about Pro's Pro Lethal 5 and I think I convinced one of my partners to get a reel for $64. He loves Tour Bite like I do. 

I did read about Discho Iontec. With that name, I thought it was Japanese but it's a German string, isn't it?

I picked up Lethal 5, its nothing like alu rough or TB but it is exactly like big hitter silver/blue rough which is a good string in itself but at half the price.


I have no problem stringing around 45lbs, I used to string Alu at 45 in my custom Vantage 95 (18x20) worked a dream.


I think like i did stringing high in my bc20 this works well in a really flexible frame.

Shoot! I better warn my friend then, Lethal 5 is more like BHBR. :(

I havent used it (prob not going to ha) but if you held the two strings side by side they look exactly the same and the stiffness of them and feel, feel exactly the same. As tourna is also German I really do think that these are the same strings as BHSR. Pros Pro make copies, I also think Discho is actually PP under a new name for marketing etc, Genesis, Mamba, Kirschbaum, Pacific, Tourna, Discho, Pros Pro, Weisscannon etc etc etc.Also all the other euro manufacturers are on the border, either Switzerland, France, Belgium, Austria, there's definately some cross fertilisation and the strings ive tested some are deffo the same, in fact theres a link somewhere about Blackout and Black code being tested and they are the same string. The big brand Luxilon is the only one who have really unique strings imo.......and solinco have made something special in Tour Bite.

So I say dont pay over the odds.

Aussie commentators had it wrong, as they said he was "out of gas" after the 2nd set.  I went to bed thinking Verdasco..."looking very good".  Wow....just goes to show...don't quit until the last point.  Tomic is impressive 19 yr old w/ bright future.

I can't help but think Tomic has a little Rosewall in him with that slice backhand. Really neutralizes big hitters well.


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