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What did you think of Verdasco failing to close out A-tomic? You don't see 2 sets lead be blown to bits too often, excepting Fed v. Tsonga and Fed v. Djokovic.

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That was a great Match!

Tomic is my wildcard pic for the event. "I know its a long shot"

Hopefully this will do for tomic what it did for murray beating guasquet at wimbledon a few years back
He's got a fairly open draw if you count nishikori and fish as easy!
Good look to him, raonic and dolgo all making the second week.

I really like Tomic now that I've got a better look at him tonight.He sure is wiley! That forehand is deceptive and unreadable at times. He does these flat fades that rely on excellent timing. I was looking at the ESPN clip and noticed his serve is alot like my abbreviated serve I have been developing.

Compare Tomic's serve to mine. They are mechanically the same motion, windup and toss start.

By the way, Meags, the shop has those Becker Melbournes in every grip size, at least two of them in each. I'm thinking of getting a couple myself.

Nice compact serve Tim. I like it, very similar to a lot of pros.


Yeah his fh is deceptive, its very slappy/wristy, very delayed, the final point of the match, I like Verdasco was going crosscourt......I have a friend at my club who hits like that.


re the Melbournes, if I had the cash atm Id paypal it over for you to pick a couple up but its the after xmas blues. If they are still there in a month or two then maybe we can sort something out. Im also waiting on a BB Legend to arive, basically the same racket, different lay up with more weight in the head. But I deffo need more than one, I had two matches last week on the same day, one outdoors, went very well, the others later indoors, which went terrible, hitting everything long, no real control on y shots, had to go back to my volkl mids to stay in the game.

Ah, so they can hit everything long. I was using that TW Power Map tool and saw that there is a lot more power on tap, compared to the Prestige Mid. Well, then I think I'm going to get the new IG Prestige Mid. :)

They do have some pop but it was more to do with being set up for the colder outdoors then playing indoors and everything flying....

So you went lower tension for the cold outdoors then, I assume. Yeah, I've never played indoors, because of living in Southern California. But it looks like a lot of fun!

Great win for Tomic, looked so easy after the first set, beautiful touch and like Tim said so so so deceptive, very difficult to read indeed. Big match now with Dolgo, should be great. I have Dolgo to win in the bracket and Tomic will have to get thoes toes moving if he wants to compete, it was easy to dictate with big Sam but against Dolgo who takes everything early and beats the sh*t out of it, its gonna be much more difficult. We all know Tomic has talent but does he have happy feet to beat the top boys, Im not so sure.


Tim, yeah my set up was for the colder outdoors where I can really hit thro the ball and it stays in court. Going indoors without a backup Melbourne with a tighter stringbed it was too difficult as the ball moves faster thro the air, hence evrything going long and my control going out of the window. Also indoors you have to take into account some time for adjustment, the lights create a fog-like atmosphere and it takes a bit to pick up the ball, bounce, pace etc

If only Tomic had the cat like speed of Mecir, he'd be the real heir to the Mecir package. lol

So how tight are you going on the Melbourne and with what strings? Like I said, I might be wanting to get a couple Melbournes next week, since the price is so low and you gave it the thumbs up.


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