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Wow..never seen anything like that. I wonder how effective it really is?

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you can use a regular Bat. I have been teaching with a Bat for over ten years now. the best bats are about 29in. the butt cap on the bats makes the bat closer to a tennis racquet. Bats cost about $2 - $10 at goodwills.

the Bat he is selling however is not full sized, has very little weight to it and only has the fat of the bat around where a sweet spot on a racquet would be.  This device is a gimmick a regular bat will do better.

Coach V

You are not accurate at all. It is full length and weighs either 11oz or 13oz. Yann is not a gimmick coach

I never said that Yann was a Gimmick Coach. I said the Bat it self is a gimmick. A regular bat will work. a Regular bat weights about 1 to 5 LBS. the extra Weight will do better. OR you can Get

Ok its time to correct Coach Vazquez and some bad research he has done when accusing the sweetspotter of not being accurate in length and other stuff

From Yann

The sweet spotter is 28.5 inches and they are all talking about something they don't know and have not tested. The Sweet Spotter is Not a baseball bat, it has 2 years of research and development behind it. I am sure anyone can go and get a regular baseball bat and practice with it but the weight, the balance, and the shape will never be true to the tennis swing. The Sweet Spotter does not have the shape of a bat, it looks like it from very far but follows the exact size of the racket head sweet spot from the bottom of the racket to the top.

2 years of research and 1 year of testing with 22 prototypes at hand, I can attest the typical baseball bat does not come close to the Sweet Spotter in shape, feel, or soundness.

Coach I hope you will be genuine enough to admit you were wrong in the accusations you made originaly

Sure, that is fine for a flat shots and slice volleys, but is it good for heavy topspin? I doubt it. Just use an old woodie.

its works for top spin.

I wouldn't invert my racquet face to the back fence with a Western grip with that bat device. Probably would result in elbow injury from the higher deflection.


I'm kinda of intrigued a bit. I'll keep my eye out for a cheepo bat and try to serve with it. 

it will work with all shots.

I disagree a baseball bat does not swing like a tennis racquet

iv ordered a sweetspotter its def better than the gimmick which was the 99s

I can prove that the bat swing is a tennis swing. In "the Book the Game of singles in tennis. The Most complete, detailed book on the game of singles ever published. profusely illustrated with drawings & diagrams, this book tells you: the Background & Development of the game, strokes & how to hit them - the first & second service, the volley , the lob, the overhead, the forehand & backhand, the half volly. Winning Strokes, position.....etc etc...... By William F. Talbert & Bruce s old.

here they clearly show how to hit a backhand. by using a baseball bat. not a sweet spotter. so why pay $60 plus dollars for a Sweet Spotter when you can buy an baseball bat for $3. using a baseball bat or a lefty golf club will both do the trick.


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