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For some time now, I've hit my first serve with the eastern forehand grip. Lately though I've been forcing myself to hit both serves with a continental grip. It seems to be working OK now, and seemingly every flat serve i hit with the continental grip is better than the last, but it still feels "weird". It seems to have increased my % a good bit in addition to being faster though, so I'm definitely sticking with it.

I'm interested in hearing experiences from anyone who has switched from serving with a forehand grip to the continental grip for flat serves. Was it weird for you? What improved? How long did it take for you to become fully comfortable with the continental grip serve? What motivated you to change?

I switched because someone told me it made serving down the middle on the deuce side easier.

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well, like i have said. the continental grip is used to hide where you are serving. there is no real difference. I use closer to an forehand grip on serve myself. but with my elbow damage i have change my serve again from open stance style to a closed stance style.

here is a video i made about the styles open and closed

The difference is that you will feel the contact initially is not square to the ball if you swing into it straight and upright. Continental forces you to find a different swing plane which will create the square contact, rather than the obvious "hand slap forward and down" swing plane. 


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