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Can you help me come up with Tennis Sayings for T-shirts?


I'm a screen printer, and would like to come up with several t-shirts with your sayings.


If it's original, I'll put your name on the bottom of the t-shirt, and give you one for free.


Things like, I'd rather be Playing Tennis or something like that.


Please, only clean sayings. No curse words or nasty implications.


Thank you,



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It's A Bird
It's A Plane
It's OUT!!!
That makes NO sense - I think that is why I like it so much!
I have seen some of these saying for sale at PGA tour stores, Has anybody received their free tee shirt? If not or if you have received a free tee let the public know.
What are you talkin about Coach? Free t-shirts?
The topic opener "If it's original, I'll put your name on the bottom of the t-shirt, and give you one for free"
I have seen " tightly strung " at the PGA Tour Store for sale for $20, I never heard that one before I saw it here first. I was just wondering. And I have seen my aces idea for NIKE.

That's a good idea, that would be cool to have your name on the shirt for the saying that you created.

Game 7 the most important

"My Purpose in Life is to Serve Others",

"Kiss My Ace!",

"Tennis: The Only Game Where Love Means Nothing", and

"Tennis Menace"

Hey Paul I'd like a quote for t-shirts for my summer camp send me a msg

Hi Paul,


I've learned that controversy is a big selling point, especially to a vast majority of fans that like to buy certain products from companies that offer a unique twist.  Here a few that come to mind.


1.  HUGE stick, will travel!

2.  My balls don't have fuzz on them, but they bounce beautifully.

3.  HOT women love chocking, especially when they're being well servedl.

4.  I've got too much game for you honey.

5.  When I yell 'switch' that doesn't mean changing 69 into 96.


I can name a few more, but I think you get the idea. 


I wish you the very best and hope this short list was helpful.




Jason Lampione


You got served.

This is so simple and so good.

If these are too risque, admin please delete!

"Play with me, I always have FRESH balls"

"40-15, not just a score, but a lifestyle"

"Recreational Doubles=One in the front, one in the rear"

"My racket may only be mid-size, but I have great Swing Speed"

"FYI.....If it's close, it's OUT"

"Double is more fun with two swinging couples" or  "My wife hates doubles because it requires two swinging couples"

"When I was younger, I had a much stiffer racket"

"Senior players have more flex in their racket"

"Young attractive girls are like Graphite, they will DEFINITELY make your racket STIFFER"

"No, I don't play Golf....that's way I play TENNIS"

"Tennis is the second best way to build hand and grip strength, and it does not affect your vision"

"QuickStart Tennis failed because those large balls really decrease a child's mobility"

The truly sad part is I could go on and on.......

Michael A Tucci 


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