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What are some of the things you do to play tennis in cold weather. What do you wear, how do you warm up, do you bring hot coco to the courts? Let me know it is cold in the ATL

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After hitting during the day, I've been hitting the gym and hitting the boxing bag, or do cycling intervals. After I have a hot shower, then I go back to hit with several layers.

Interesting.  I thought you lived in CA Tim?  How cold could it be?

hey it can be cold in Cali! 60 degrees is freezing! lol



you're makin' those midwesterners and east coast folks feel even colder, eh? lol

I play until 9:30pm so it got down to 44 last week. Not bad, but enough to get muscles cold and tight, especially the lower back and hips.

We played the other night it was 24 degrees... it was a little crazy!

24 degrees? Now that's beyond tennis weather.

did the ball freeze to  the court?



Ok, I'm in CO - I know cold!! Get an ice scraper that comes with a mitten on it. Take the scraper out. Put your racket handle in. Put on a golf glove underneath so you don't lose your feel, and you're all set. This works in almost all cases. Looks a bit odd, but keeps your hand warm. Sometimes the golf glove alone works.
LOL!  You have to be seriously in need of tennis to convert that scraper mitten!  And what about the tennis balls freezing and getting hard as rocks!  Can't use high altitude balls in the winter, right?
hahaha! That's hardcore. A mitten and a golf glove. Don't they sell those socks that heat up at REI? They're for cycling, but they should make them for Deb.


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