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What are some of the things you do to play tennis in cold weather. What do you wear, how do you warm up, do you bring hot coco to the courts? Let me know it is cold in the ATL

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Peter, the tennis balls dont bounce well in the cold. People make the mistake of leaving the tennis balls in the car in the winter. You should take your racquets and tennis balls inside
very good point
I teach and play in temps in the 30's. No need to be cold. I dress for winter, with insulating layers (wicking shirt against skin) and winter coat, warm hat, extra layer of removable pants, and baseball gloves. I don't need to warm up. When I get too warm I start removing layers. If the layers, including the coat, are loose enough, there is room to move. People ski in below zero weather and stay warm. Tennis should be easy in cold weather. Of course, the balls and racquet are somewhat dead. We need special tennis balls for cold weather. Anyone know of such balls?
used to have really long hair, i used a old sweat sock , hair tied it to the top of the grip then put my hand into the toe that i cut off. worked great
wiat i can't see it...what? you tied a sock to your hair and put your hands in the sock?

I'm not sure what's worse the cold or the wind. Actually, I can deal with wind, I hate the cold!
well it depends how windy lol...when tree branches start flying at me i usually think to pack up :)

Other way around for me. I haaate the wind. It kills my serve and then the rest of my game goes too!
I am totally with you. Wind sucks. Anyone know where there is never wind. That is where I want to move to, then I can play and never have my game adversely affected. Although, because I have played in some pretty windy places, I do know how to play in the wind, but then I feel like a total pusher, chipper, slicer. Ugly tennis.
I was out a few days ago and playing and sweating 10 min into our hit. Id say it was like 34-35 no wind (a big factor). I could do that every day but the last few days have been a bit cold for me. Id say my outdoor cutoff is around 30 give or take. But a bright sunshine and little wind makes a huge difference.

exactly what im thinking..



In the atl? I Imagine there is a lot of indoor tennis there this time of year. Tennis in cold weather makes everything slower. The balls softer (really noticable in my teaching basket this time of year) but even new balls. Peoples muscles are tight and that tends to neutralize the big serve. For lots of reasons its slow out there but remember not to get frustrated because it is the same on both sides of the net


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