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Are there any hard facts what causes tennis elbow? Many players in my TVTA group and some of my YLT coaches have been dealing with pain this year. One developed it after playing with poly strings. I've heard all sorts or reasons what causes tennis elbow: racquets being too light or heavy, too stiff, tights string tension, or string material, poor physical condition, over use of arm, repetitive stress disorder (ie Carpel Tunnel), improper stroke technique. What's the cause and what are some cures besides IB and rest?

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For me being tight on some of my strokes contributes (follow through is so important), along with overuse.  Furthermore, mis-hitting the ball on anywhere other than the sweet spot transmits so much shock to your arm, regardless of what racquet you use.  Ice, compression and anti-inflammatory drugs help initially to reduce pain and swelling, but ultimately rest followed by a muscle and tendon strengthening regimen are the only realistic options for curing TE.

Hi Dudley, sorry to hear that.

Have a look at these two threads, there is some good info here:

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Happy Thanksgiving Mark. I will pass the previous threads along. I really appreciate it.

Thanks!  And happy Thanksgiving to you too Dudley.

Hi Dudley,

I think that you are going to find this article very interesting. I been doing the tensile bar exercise for 2 weeks, 3 times a day, my elbow is getting better and better and now the pain is minimum. Below are the link to the article and to the Flexbar


An Easy Fix



I hope it helps...



Hi Sergio

 Thanks for the helpful tips. I have passed the information to those I know who developed pain in their elbow area. It was too bad they had to shorten their tennis season because it was too painful for them to play. Did you let your elbow heal first before you started the rehab and exercise?

You are welcome Dudley. regarding your question I took a week off while I started doing the FlexBar, then after that week I started to play and as I told you I noticed the pain is minimum, before, during and after playing so I'm very happy with the results. It is amazing how a simple exercise can make such a big different.



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