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I vaguely remember mentioning this to our Mayor way back when I joined.  Here is my wish list:

- Provide an easier way to sort by different category (NTRP, city, etc.) or by date of join (e.g. show most recently join members first or last, etc.) while browsing within a Local Group.  Currently, when browsing all members within a Group, the order that the members are listed seems to be random - it is definitely not based on the date the member joined Tennisopolis.

- Provide (either by default, or by a selectable option) a way to display more information next to the user Icons while browsing all members. Currently, only name+city/state/Country is listed next to the person's icon.  An option to add other profile entry such as NTRP level would be nice.

Thanks for providing this site to us!

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I luv these ideas.  Sometimes it is hard to implement changes since the system is so heavy already.  I am working on the latter idea though - I think we might be able to get this done.  I'd love to display the level next to the name.  The only problem here is that we have those long level names "pretty damn good" which don't fit in.  I wish when I started that I only listed the NTRP but it is almost impossible to go change this retroactively.

Stay tuned and thanks for the great suggestions,


I agree with mark. imagine if you came to tennisopolis and all you got was a big 404/403 error code. that would hurt tennisopolis even if it was just me and Tim on alone all day. (with candles on with some wine and chocolate. *v* )

but coding is hard especially with such an active website as this. with the Millions of characters of code if you miss 1 typo the whole thing crashes, if you change 1 line of code that one thing works and crashes everything else.

So mark please take your time. Coding Tennisopolis is a huge job now about 50 thousand people depend on you alone.

Yeah, ture, i do depend on the only guys who comments on my posts. Keep up the good work Mark! I love this site!

Sounds good to me!  


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