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Strength Training/Personal Training for NYC tennis players.

Hi, my name is Don and I wanted to tell the NYC community about what I do. I offer a special type strength training in NYC. Its called the Power of 10 workout, which, in a nutshell, is a slow-motion strength training program. Lifting weights slowly, with our specially designed equipment, recruits many more muscle fibers and is much safer than conventional techniques. It is so effective that it’s only designed to do once, maybe twice, a week. Our technique has been showcased numerous times on television including, CNN, The View and 48 Hours, The Today Show, CBS News with Dan Rather and much more.. Moreover, we have been featured in many magazines including GQ, Newsweek and Vanity Fair.

I train many athletes because it’s safe and quick. You’re not spending more than an hour a week in the gym allowing the athlete to spend more time playing their sport instead. I have personally trained many tennis players and watched their game improve as mine has also. This improvement comes primarily from their improved strength and flexibility. Again, this is possible by only training once a week. I feel strongly that the Power of 10 workout can benefit the New York tennis community. For more info please check out the link: or call 212-755-9895 and ask for Don We offer special rates for tennis players.

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I don't live in the area, but that sounds great!
Cool. Could you add any photos of your workouts?
I'll do one better. You can watch the workouts.

Mark / Mr. Mayor said:
Cool. Could you add any photos of your workouts?
Here is another example of the workout



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