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Hey all, I found this story and just wanted to get your opinion on whether this is true or not.  Apparently, a linesman was hit in the groin by a tennis ball, fell over and fractured his skull, and died a few days later.

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I have heard about this for years, but do not know about the details. Well, now it's time to read about it. Thanks, Joe.

So this happened when Edberg was playing his junior finals. Very interesting. The family really couldn't sue Edberg personally, even though it was his serve. I wonder if referees then had to sign something in regards to possible injuries.

If it's true, it sounds like one of those freakish things that happen on occasion in almost any sport. 

I have a tournament friend from Thailand tell me one of his partners became blind because of a doubles poach shot to the eye. If I am playing against a brash and wild player who slaps volleys and overheads, I will protect myself and turn my back if my partner has put up a sitter. I don't care if my partner complains, either.

Yup, that's what I do too.  No sense in unpaid heroics.

I do remember hearing about this when it was going on or shortly after, very sad and bizaar.  It seems to be one of those things that not many talk about, I have followed edberg and his career for years and never heard him mention or others ask him about it.  It must have been a hard issue to deal with especially at a time his career was just getting started.I believe its his birthday today. 


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