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Who agrees that the courts in most tournaments are too slow? I went to a tournament in La Habra this weekend. I remember about 10 years ago 2 of my students won their open event in mens and womens, I was very proud and am still proud of those players now professionals in their own right. I saw a bunch of talented players, but so one dimensional it was sad. When brought to the net, because they had to due to a short ball most looked clueless. Roger Federer recently said that the courts should be sped up, I agree. They even made Wimbledon slower, that is crazy to accommodate baseliners. Enough already who want to watch acute topspin for hours, I don't ,I want the variety that could be brought back with the speeding up of some of the courts. The use of extreme grips and polyester strings is limiting the time players can play. I am not suggesting we go back to wood mind you, that would be funny, many things that can be done with the frames of today cannot be done with woods. There are different styles of play that are not being promoted due to the slower surfaces. Tennis is an exciting game, but one dimensional baseline play is straight up boring. I have taught for 30+ years and teaching my students the tools to play include volleys. Roger is right! Speed wimbledon to the speed we know and love. Thank You

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Funny Joker does the same thing on the next point. But, if you watch that first point it is not really a true approach shot, looks like Fed hits a solid in side out fh and then says, "ohh crap I should move in" and then gets burned. The inside out approach is tricky, sometimes I think they hit it thinking they can close that gap, also they may naturally want to attack the BH side. Lastly, if they are well into the ad box when they hit a FH approach and go up the line to the opponent FH they can't cover the FH cross court pass which is an easier change of direction shot.

Yeah, Djoker left it wide open with that inside out FH but I couldn't tell if Fed hit that BH DTL long. Fed doesn't look happy afterwards. lol

Well, if they are approaching well into the ad box, and the opponent is off in his backhand corner, I'd think they'd do well to go up the line, unless the guy has an amazing running FH like Sampras or Del Potro.

Yeah, I started to add but left off that it depends on where the opponent is, I'm talking about if he is in the middle they will power it inside out most of the time.

Perhaps that is why coming to net has become less used. The pros would rather hit an inside out and stay back, rather than get burned going DTL inside in and risk getting passed crosscourt, or get burned coming behind inside out and get burned by a DTL pass!

The players are staying back because modern racquets make it too easy for the back court player to rip passing shots.  Even a dtl slice approach, a foot from the corner, with some bite on it, can get ripped for a cross court winner about 1 out of 3.  Another 1 out of 3 the net man will get passed on the 2nd shot.  That's 2 out of every 3 approaches ending in a pass winner within 2 shots.  Then there are the UE's on the part of the net man.  The percentages are just too low for attacking the net as a primary tactic to be a winning approach.  You have to save it for when you have no choice, or as a surprise tactic.


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