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Should players be allowed to get a massage break during a match????

Am I the only one that finds it absolutely ridiculous that a tennis player can halt a match, disrupt it's momentum so they can relax and regroup themselves by receiving a massage??? what?!?!?! LOL ONLY IN TENNIS!

Players abuse the rule, because the loophole is there, but the ATP and WTA has to get this under control.

Tape for a rolled/sprained ankle... cool.
Tape for some blisters... fine.
Need to cover a cut... no problem.

But to call a trainer to loosen up your muscles because you're getting cramps?? COME ON! If you're not fit, you're not fit. You either guts it out or retire! That's what I say!

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No... I don't think they should get a massage break....That is just over the top
often cramp is caused by over exertion, dehydration, hypertension etc etc sorry to be an arse but it is i think even more valid than a cut toe!
it happens in every sport you see it all the time.
Its not massage necessarily even tho some use it playing mental games.
Come on Pierry stop winging about stuff and give us tennis fans a positive post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol you guys are killin' me! no one agrees with me???

you don't think some players abuse the rule just a little bit? i've seen the complexion of matches completely change after an "injury" time out.
I wonder if they use these breaks to talk a time out in disguise
If you watched Federer vs. Monfils yesterday you would see my point. Brad Gilbert agrees with me!


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