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There is a Product that you spray on any strings that does the same effect.

So, are they suggesting that we just use the Lubricity strings in the crosses and something else in the mains?

In a nutshell, yes!

This cross string is designed to bring huge spin to your hybrid. It's also very comfortable and highly recommended to players who want a more arm-friendly hybrid.

It is strange that they are suggesting that slippery strings create more spin but they must get less grip on the ball.  Not sure how you can create spin on the ball without a little friction.

you will get the spin from the whip or snap back effect. Wilson proves this theory that's why they created the S(spin) Series racquets for all their lines. so there is less friction.

If that was true, then why do I get more spin with a textured string than a smooth one?  The hex and square cross sections like Solinco Tour Bite provide much more spin than traditional string.

I think Wilson's technology with the Spin racquets is just fewer strings which allows the strings to bite more.... totally unrelated to slippery strings IMO.

Well, I think they want to reduce friction between mains and crosses allowing the mains to snap back with great force (due to less friction with cross string). However the mains will still have friction with the ball but again with faster snap back so more spin. Of course all in theory!


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