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Who would you choose to rally with from all the great pros past or present?  And how much would you pay if that person donated a 1 hour hitting session to a charity auction?  :-)

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Probably would be McEnroe. He was my original idol and I would love to see those hands in action on the volley and try returning his serve. His groundies have always amazed me. If I were very rich, I would pay $10,000 for that hour.

For me it would be Rafa. You can find a local amateur or ex college player who may only have a forehand, but can still hit a 90mph winner. But no one can generate the bite on a forehand like Rafa. I just wanna see how hard it is to not only put the ball back in the other side of the net, but effectively place the shot at the same time!

I would hit with Agassi.  Always has been my altime favorite.  And if I were rich, I would donate $100,000.  To do it.

Ahh, ok. I would donate $100,001. ;)

Well if you want to make an ebay spectacle out of this, I would donate $100,001.50.

I'll bid $1 Bob.

And the closest bidder without going over IIIISSSS....................

::Cordell runs down the aisle, arms waving in the air:: haha!

Wait what forum is this? what were we talking about?


The Tennis Price Is Right with Mark Mayor! ;)

I would prolly want to hit with/against andre too...they say he is one of the cleanest ball strikers of all time...i wanna see and feel that..if not him maybe Rios or Tim Henman cause he's one of my favorites...

And since im poor i would volunteer my time instead of's up to them to decide what they want to do with me LOL

My head coach I worked for hit with Andre. So did my other tennis coach who was in the armed forces and stationed in Vegas. They didn't have to pay a single thing. lol


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