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 Starts on page 38. Use the magnifying glass icon to blow up the string chart. Compares strings from many companies, based on stiffness, tension loss, and gauge.

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Yes, great info there, I also like this site

Yeah, I use that one too. That's why I put "probably" in the title of this thread. lol

Tim thanks for this it is very interesting.....


For instance two strings I have used that I feel are vastly different have the same stiffness rating at impact (m2pro and alu rough) yet feel completely different in a full bed, Luxillon m2pro feels much softer and more powerful, you would think it was more elastic. Where I do see the difference is in tension loss where m2pro loses tension quicker. I found this to be true, I got about one great session out of it then its uncontrollable.

I tend to use relatively stiff strings, that seem to have an low(ish) level of tension loss. Ive been looking at a few softer more elastic polys of late that give you more power but they tend to have a huge loss in tension and become unplayable, too elastic, you start spraying shots everywhere. For example Polystar Energy.

This is a great resource as I can see that Gamma Zo Verve has what I might be looking for, a low stiffness rating (more elastic=more powerful) 236, its the right gauge size im after: 1.24mm, and tension loss is about as good as it gets for a poly:16.92 and fits I can see with the likes of Alu power and (17.13), pacific poly force (16.54) etc for tension loss properties so therefore I have some point of reference. These are strings I am used to.


Some surprising stuff like pro line 2, I always thought was quite stiff, its not! and pacific poly force xtreme really elastic and its stiff! Bloody hell lol......duh



Haha! Yeah, I know what you mean about M2 Pro. I liked it for the first hour as a full stringbed, then hated it because it lost tension. I've never tried M2 Pro and Alu Rough together, but I've tried Boris Becker Bomber and Alu Rough together. Probably very similar. My all time favorite hybrid.

I've never tried a Zo string, been wanting to try the Tour Rough. Never tried Pacific Poly Force either.

Pro Line 2 is a great string, but it lacks the bite. I had to string that at 64 lbs to get it to bite. :)

I like the RSI chart because they actually quantify the tension loss and stiffness. Stringforum is a little more relative and subjective, even though the players who rate seem to be high league players in Germany or some place.

yeah the stringforum is subjective so take it with a pinch of salt.

Sorry Tim I was just comparing the two, I havent put them together, I dont like hybrids, imo hybrids are only fine if you change strings every day. The differences in tension loss etc result in a stringbed thats unpredictable.


Didnt like PL2 neither, the pacific strings i like in general. Just bought a few sets of Pros Pro strings that are german copies of famous strings at a fraction of the cost, It will be interesting to see how they play.

Hope you didn't get the Pro's Pro Vendetta. Really awful string that feels downright plasticky and dull. I've heard very good things about Pro's Pro Cyber Power (Alu Power copy) and Red Devil (Red Code copy) though. 

Try my hybrid Alu Power smooth mains and Boris Becker Bomber cross. (59/61). Does not lose tension and lasts a long time. Smooth play, good bite, great pocket. I normally don't use a poly with a copoly but it really works.

Thanks tim I'll pick up the bomber and try it.

As for the pros pro, I got blackout (copy of b5e/black code), lethal 5 (tour bite) and a couple of very powerful polys, gold power and power plus (mosquito bite and sppp copy) all had very favourable reviews.
I've also got my usual tour bite in stock, alu, couple of soft multis, vs team, bhbr, solinco revolution.
Will pick up bomber and a few more from that list on your link.
I got a blx 95, bb legend and a V core 95 on the way so will see how they compare to much melbourne which I have finally got fine tuned and the tour bite is really pocketing nicely now, closer to what I'm used to with my mids.
Exciting times.......:)

Wow, that's a whole bevy of strings! Well, if I hadn't such a bad time with the Vendetta string, I probably would've tried the other Pro's Pro strings. There's a guy in Southern California who's dealing those strings called Big T. Pro's Pro has one called Intense Heat. Makes me laugh my head off hearing that name. :)

So Solinco Revolution's a good one, too? I love Tour Bite. Polystar Turbo is really good too, just loses gobs of tension though.

Make sure you hybrid that Bomber with Alu. Bomber alone sucks. lol Bomber smooths out the Alu twang and makes it pocket better, but won't lose tension like a syn gut or multi.

thanks tim i was actually thinking of hybriding a stiff string with a co poly but wasnt sure where to go with it so will have  a looksy.


Every year I start thinking about super polys that can blow your opponent away only to come back to earth and realise the reason I like stiff poly is that I can hit harder with it, string lower with it, get more spin with it, make less errors with it.


Saying that my Melbourne strings up tight and although my TB has settled in fine, I love the deep ball pocketing of my mids. So I was thinking of a soft poly cross. Looking at the link I would want something on a par in the tension retention department.


Revolution is a decent string, nice feel and more powerful than TB imo but it lacks the grab of TB which is quite addicting and I have not found anything quite like it. The feel of Alu in the first two hours is unequaled but its then dies after four. TB at least holds on thro 8-10hrs then goes completely wayward which I found to my cost last night. Played in the afternoon, gorgeous tennis, control, power, had it all....played in the evening, albeit indoors, could not do anything with it, too powerful, wayward an amazing difference. I was gonna cut it out before but i wouldnt of got that joy of yesterday afternoon, thought it might last thro to the evening. I was wrong! Such fine lines, thats why I always restring for a proper match incase that happens.

Tension loss with Tour Bite is really tough. I was hybriding it with NRG 2 and they both lost gobs of tension at the same time. I could only play lower key finesse doubles with it. Tour Bite really sings. It gets all the notes and makes the racquet play like a guitar. The only thing that comes close to it is Polystar Turbo, as far as spin grip. But that loses even more tension. A full reel of Turbo is $97 where as a full reel of Tour Bite is $155. I still will pay the difference for Tour Bite.

One time, my friend wanted to mix my Tour Bite with his Black Code 17 as the cross. It played pretty well, to my surprise on his Babolat! 


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