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Hi everyone!


My name is Jamie and I'm a pro stringer. I've strung at several big events over the last couple of years, including Wimbledon for the past two years (I should be back there again this year). 


I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about stringing on tour (provided the information isn't too sensitive) and stringing in general. So, ask away!

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Everyone is going to ask you about Fed and Nadal's stringjob, and so I'll fire away. What are the tensions on their racquets at Wimbledon? I'm sure this is top secret.

Federer uses a private stringing company called Priority One, so we never see his rackets in the stringing room. Its pretty common knowledge that he uses VS Gut mains and ALU Rough crosses. I believe he splits his tension and normally uses around 48/51.


Nadal's tension at Wimbledon was 25kg. Again its relatively common knowledge that he always uses this tension or thereabouts and there was a close-up shot on the BBC of Nadal on Centre Court that showed the label we put on his racket, which included string (RPM Blast 1.35) and tension.

Excellent info! I never knew what tension Nadal strung at, but it makes sense for his game.

I've read Federer will go up and down from 48 to 59, depending on conditons. I don't know how credible that info is, though.

But it is amazing Fed can get that much pinpoint control at such a low tension as 48/51.

I've never heard about Federer going as high as 59, but he can afford to go relatively low in tension because of the small headsize he uses.
Yes, 55 in the old K Six One frame already feels tight. I've seen the Priority One pics of the differing amts. of lead on top of Fed's BLXs. So how much lead is under the bumper of Nadal's frames?
I can't remember the exact specs of his rackets, but there is more than 10g of lead under the bumper.
So he's using 2 or 3 layers of 1/4" wide lead. Very interesting. That frame is begging for lead in the first place.

Love Wimbledon, I have not worked there as a tournament stringer only as a spectator, Hope to get out that way as a stringer someday, I have only strung at the US OPEN and Australia.  What machines do you at wimbledon and how are the working conditions. we probably know some of the same stringers..



At Wimbledon its been the Prince 6000 for the past two years. First year was with Babolat clamps though, as the Prince ones weren't up to scratch. Prince did manage to improve the clamps and we used their ones last year. 


Working conditions are quite probably worse than the other Slams. We are in essentially a large shed. My first year I was right at the back, there was no air conditioning or ventilation and it was boiling hot everyday. Last year I moved about half way up the room, so I was near a door which was better. Stringing room is located right by the practice courts so we can go watch the players if we're not too busy. There is also one of the players restaurants there and an area where fans can get the players autograph; I actually did a five minute session there for some of my fans last year (this is actually true, though its possible they weren't my fans).

I did have a problem with my Prince clamp, having to continually readjust them daily. They look solid, but I suppose the spring gets worked over.
There have been several versions of the Prince clamp and I've used the latest two and never had any problems with regards to having to readjust them frequently.

As far as I'm aware, Clijsters is using an actual Pure Drive GT. She uses VS Gut, usually very tight; when I strung for her it was 30kg. There was no visible lead, but its quite possible there was some under the bumper and grip.


As with Clijsters, I think Wozniacki used a real Aero Pro Drive GT; it had cortex and whilst its impossible to tell by looking at the frame whether it has tungsten in it, my guess is it does. In all the times I've seen her racket in the stringing room, and indeed when I strung for her, she was using VS Gut as a cross. At the time I thought she had no lead on there, but I have since learned that there is a small amount, though whether this is just to balance the rackets all to the same weight or to increase the weight, I don't know.


Never strung for Ivanovic, so I can't comment on her frame.


Round The World is the default stringing at tournaments. Some players specifically request one-piece and some specifically request two-piece.


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