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One liners for cheaters, Trash Talking, Original Saying, Talking to your opponent. 1 liners. Zinger

Example, I am playing a known cheater. There is a a questionable line call. I Say to them about it.......

If God told you to cheat me Would you do it? or you eff en do it anyway!!
you cannot be serious is the most famous one and Freaking/Come on! or any combo

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you call mine out ill call yours out!! and look em in the eye
contacts or Glasses?
This one goes without saying, but "Are you sure?"

Sometimes I'll say "It looked in to me." It is simple but gets the point accross that you can see from your side of the net too. They'll tighten up their calls.

But honestly, I don't run into cheaters too often.
"Are you sure?" is like elevator music. no one listens to it.
LOL! Love it!
thanks for giving me a smile Coach.
I personally don't stoop that low to talk trash to my opponent. Tennis is supposed to be a Gentleman's sport.
WOW! I didnt know Lines were out?
Breaks are on odd games not even.( I made this mistake... Brain fart. )
I show you my BALLS are OUT.......

Think about it its completely wrong.
In my Many Many Books on Tennis That I keep like *SFX* MY PRECIOUS ( not the Fat one ).

One of the Great Tennis players said.
Tennis Players can create more than a Painter.

Who said that one liner? you get one Guess, and dont google it.


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