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Hey fellas, you know who you are,

I have a new idea.  how about we marry the Leaderboard with the picture on the header (you know, where Oscar Wegner is right now).  If you make it to the top of the Leaderboard, I will put a picture of you on top of the Tennisopolis world. 

EDIT:  CONGATULATIONS TO TIM!  Prapong's in da house!

EDIT2:  TIM HAS HAD A GOOD RIDE SO FAR.  Let's run this contest again starting now and whoever is highest in 3 weeks will get the next header image!  This will go to whoever is highest and has not been on top of TO yet.  Good luck!

EDIT 3:  TIM WON AGAIN, SO WE LEFT HIM UP LONGER BUT... Now it is time for some fresh meat and we just couldn't ignore the freshest of them all - Coach V is our new poster child.  Congrats V!

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Nothing wrong with a little. ;)

New kid knocking at the doors gentlemen!


Man, you must have sore legs to be squatting like that every time. Look what happened to Becker. He had quadricep injury! lol

Do you point at the ball like that, Michael? Just curious. :)

Truth be told, my hitting partner could not "snap the picture" at the right moment during  my service motion, so that is a "mock" serve that I kept frozen in that position!

LOL guess I hammed it up a bit on the knee bend, I dont go anywhere near that far down.....and I did this without a ball toss, so maybe that explains the pointing finger. I doubt that point it while serving for real, that would be pretty awkward!

I am BUSTED ~ 

Hey dude, tell your partner to just snap a bunch in succession over and over, a hundred takes if necessary. Yeah, I can't do a mock serve in front of a camera. That's like slowing down a hundred muscles. lol

Sampras has that awesome salute thing he does with his toss hand. I thought it was so cool, I tried doing it. Kinda helps keep the toss arm up longer and creates tension through to the chest. So point all your fingers like he does, minus the thumb. hehehe

Nice job Mike - you are on top at the moment.  Let's see if you can stay there.

Thanks Mark!  I, like any donkey, want that carrot. I work harder for yummy carrots!

LOL. Mark oughtta dangle a string of baby carrots. They're sweeter than the average carrot.

now that's dangling a carrot for us to chase; good idea.

I see what you mean Tim! Thanks!


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