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Anyone hit with it yet? Impressions? My racket is a pure drive and after experimenting a bit, I settled on a hybrid setup of NRG2 on the mains and LUX rough for crosses. Like the power and nice dip inside the line on deep shots. Really curious how the G4 plays and would like to try out a full bed on my racket. I currently string at 60. Any tension recommendations for the G4?

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Yeah for the 4G string by Luxilon,  String it at Least 10 LBS lower.  Especially if you are using Full Poly. the 4G played a little tighter and not as soft but is stronger. you can find play test reviews from tennis ware house. also check out

I got a free pack of G4 in the mail, along with a free Luxilon T shirt! Gonna string it up this weekend. By all the reviews I've read, it is underpowered and a control string. I'd say string it at 52-55 lbs.

Here's the TW forum thread on the playtest:

Thanks guys. I have a couple of pure drives and tend to experiment with different setups. Just got an email $7 coupon to try 4g from my tennis shop. Still trying to decide if full bed or use NRG2 on the mains like my current setup. Oh well, decisions decisions...

Tim- how about your impressions after you try out the 4g?

I'll get it strung by this weekend and letcha know how it goes.:)

Very cool. Thanks!!
One of students who is sponsored by Wilson/Lux has some in his stick and although he hit well with it does not like the power level and feel, but he is a finicky 14 yr old.

HA i was fighting my 14YO for 2 hours today, trying to get him to work on his serve! that kid was LILBG Brandon yes.

Tries some G4 in my stick today, G4/Volkl Poly Fibre 58lbs on both. Fairly crisp feeling, lower power for sure, but felt pretty good. Very different than my RPN/PolyFib setup. No serves yet, and was only hitting with top junior, need to see it in action with bigger hitters. I feel I can easily drop to 54lbs.

Full set or hybrid: full set.
Tension used for playtest: 56 lbs
Regular string set up: Solinco Tour Bite 17
Racquet brand and model used for test: Tecnifibre TFight 320 VO2 max
Power of test string: Low to low moderate
Feel: Felt like a cross between Lux Ace and Pro Hurricane Tour 18 gauge
Spin: High kick serves, but lower trajectory on my Western groundies
Comfort: Smooth and stiff like Pro Hurricane Tour
Durability: Don't know, seems like the coating would last. Sold the racquet to my friend.
Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable) Not sure, my friend has the racquet now.
Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) High amount of control, like the other testers noted. For a hard hitter, not for the pusher.
Compare to the string you use most often: Pro Hurricane Tour
Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) I might drop it down to 53 or 54.
Summary: I would like this string for tournaments where I would want control on all my shots and if I were to hit flatter drives. But for regular club play, sometimes I would want the spin and trajectory of Solinco Tour Bite or Barb Wire. I wouldn't pay beyond $15 a set. But even then, I think I would rather use Alu Rough, for a touch more spin. I can get Pro Hurricane Tour for 9.99 a set and I don't know if the extra resiliency is worth $5+ more.

So I finally got some G4 on my racquet. Played doubles with it last night. Very playable for a co-poly and really easy on the arm. I strung at 50 and it does provide good control. It didn't hurt my serve and I still generated power although It is certainly not a power string. Spin felt good and any negatives I feel were
more user error rather then string.
Still not a match IMO for my favorite setup, NRG2 mains and ALU Rough crosses. Perhaps not as soft but control, power and spin all better

Well, I don't think G4 would be able to compete with that venerable hybirid combo. You'd be missing the touch and power of NRG2 and the bite of Alu Rough! 


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