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For the record I would like to say to all of the haters of Serena, she is still a great player who has broken records, raised the game for women, and beat so many other odds in her life.  Instead of saying something negative how about NOT SAYING anything at all.  It is so sad to hear and see people who are quick to be negative.  Even though I am a huge Serena fan, I have nothing negative to say about the Ref of Stouser.  Life is to short to criticize.  We have all made mistake while playing a match but really all the negative comments are useless.  Serena is accepted hugly by our community and no matter what the haters say she has GAME! 

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Well Stated Paul.  I totally agree with your statement.  Sounds very personal to me.  I must add when Serena compliments her opponent NOONE and I mean NOONE says a word.  It only when THEY think she has slipped up or made a mistake do they ever say anything about Serena.  I just sit back and watch all the haters and it is really sad because they even treated her that way when she was a teen just starting to play.  That means they attached a child, based on their hate for her, that is worst than any mistake she can make!

In this world, there are only lovers and haters? I beg to differ. I might love and hate you at the same time. It's called ambivalence. lol

I have ambivalent feelings about Serena. You can't just call me a hater. That's too generic a definition to use. I might like her 40% and dislike her 30% and the remainder is "Who cares?"

I always hear "Don't be a hater!" because it's the trendy thing to say. Well, I just tell them, "No, I'm an ambivalater." Then I might give out my percentages. lol

I never called you a hater, I was speaking to haters and I guess you were calling yourself one when you address my comment defending your beliefs.  No need to do that on my account!  I am not going to debate over this issue, again after saying this a couple of times I RESPECT YOUR FEELINGS, JUST NOT BACKING DOWN ON MY OWN FEELINGS.  Let's try to move past this, lol.  By the way I never say anything because it's trendy.  I say what I mean and mean what I say without saying it mean.  Enjoy your day and the game of tennis!!!!!!!
Okay, Christina. I'll enjoy my day and especially my tennis. Good luck to Serena. She's a good cookie. lol
Been so long since I've seen Stefan Edbergs name mentioned.  When I was a kid, I modeled my game off Agassi, but I looked to Stefan Edberg for my on court demeanor and etiquette.

No one was a better sportsman than Edberg. He won the ATP Best Sportsman how many years? He may have walked around with staring at the ground, slightly sulky. But he was the absolute gentleman. 

Agassi became a gentleman. He was so brash. I enjoy watching him now, especially these exos. 

Indeed she does.  She's just a champ being a champ!  To all you Serena haters:  knock it off!   

I don't buy the intensity argument one bit, Paul C.. If I were playing a tournament final and my opponent shouted "C'mon!" before I hit my shot, I think I would be very angry. Not only would I be angry, my "intensity" would drive me to get verbally confrontational. Then what might happen from there? The possibility of things getting physical.

The rules are in place so there won't be such a scenario. The rules are in place to keep things civilized and keep tennis a gentleman's sport.

Rules does not indicate people are not human.  It was a human act of excitement and it was coming from a good place.  If you can't see good in Serena than you will not be able to see much good out of her.  I am actually happy to see she has so much impact on people but at the end of the day she shuts people up with her style of play.  Make ALL and I mean ALL  the women's players get their butts in the gym because she is a force on the court.  Besides when she is not playing people do not play their best, LOL.  Venus and Serena changed the sport in so many ways and their has not been any sibblings to do so.  Even our beloved Bryan brothers did not become #1 on their own, they are stronger together than singles.  But I love me some Bryan Brothers, they are the best at their game!!!!


Even Serena has to follow the rules, as great as her game is. The rules make the game defined. Once you start to make special cases or allowances for when great players play, then you don't have fair competition. What is a chair umpire to do, give the leeway to Serena because she has "goodness" where as the other opponent does not? Not fair.

You're right, rules are blind to human excitement and personality. But on the same token, even though I will stand by the rules, I do see Serena has a powerful serve and heavy groundies. Whether she uses great footwork is another story. But I do see the good in Serena's game, despite her pushing the rules in her favor. She gives the women's tour another level to play at, and that is definitely good. She pushes the envelope in the amount of power used.

Stosur has every bit of game as well. She is in perhaps better physical condition than Serena. She has a better kick serve, a better slice backhand, better volleys and every bit as effective forehand. Let's not just focus on Serena and her good qualities. Stosur has them as well. 

Back then, Martina Navratilova had the same effect as Serena on the level of physical conditioning in the women's game. People accused her of taking steroids. Evert complained she was man-like. Navratilova forced Evert to train in the gym. I would also say Graf's athleticism, powerful forehand and tremendous quickness also raised the bar. And Seles' punisher style also did the same. Let's not forget about them. It's not all Serena and Venus out there.

I agree all the ladies you mention has a great game and I like Stouser as well.  Point is my comment, if you look back was regarding Serena, I never spoke negative about Stouser or anyone other player.  I was merely stating my opinion about Serena.  My all time favorite happens to be Kim Clijsters and she is the nicest player on tour in my opinion, no need to convince me that this is not the case and who you think might be the nicest player.  This is strictly Christina's opinion, lol.  Overall it was not a good final's match, not much to watch, over quick and I wish Serena had brought her A game may have been a different result.  Nevertheless great sport!  Last point I never said the chair was wrong or Serena was right.  I just simply stated that she is human and in my opinion still #1 and the best. 


Well, my opinion is Serena has to get back to being #1. She's lost the two Opens (one to Clijsters, one to Stosur) so I cannot say she is the best in my book. 

She and Venus used to dominate from 1999 to 2002 and they had that string between them 2 for each. Serena won it again in 2008, but hasn't repeated.

Because she hasn't won it lately, I don't feel she is #1 currently. That's my opinion based on results.

Serena has had that awful foot injury and even worse blood clot to deal with. I wish her the best, but I wouldn't mind it if Stosur or Clijsters won it again.


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