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 nadal frame

It's about 338g strung, gripped, with impact absorber 2-3g+ added, a bal. pt. of 33, no silicone in butt. NOt the advertised version of cortex, etc. at all. It's stiffer, more powerful, and as you can see in the pic, no cortex, put a paint job. He places two strips about 4" of 33mm lead tape under the grommet at 12 oclock. He uses the 1.35mm string. He strings about 54/52 and strings more frames per tourny than any other male pro. He burns through the rpm blast (used to be duralast). Mass is too light, more for a junior set up. Ra is about the same as Feds: 65. Moment of inertia is lower than Feds or Joker, who is higher than the other two.
Top ten 50s norcal pt57a

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I have seen other specs given, but this seems the most plausible to me. Rafa prefers it around 340 grams but with a high 355-360 swingweight. I have tried something with these specs and trust me, doesn't feel like 340 grams. lol

Dude how are you getting all this Good Stuff? & is that a kfactor i see on top....hehe

is also looks like you snuck into the locker room and broke in the locker where the racquet is. its all covered up and close like you dont want anyone to see you spying........dude you are a ninja of tennis!

No actual cortex, but rather a painted likeness?  Wow, that's totally cheating.  Like a race car with painted headlights, ha ha ha!

All the pro's use paint jobs, pretty much custom racket and often about 5-10yr old technology in them. Hard to tell what they actually use.

And us, the adoring public, believe we are the buying the same racquets, ha ha ha!  That's pretty much why I choose my own racquet, rather than go with what the pros use. 

Yes, they custom fit everything for the top pros. Even the grip which they use is specially designed for each player to reduce blistering.

Does anyone know where exactly you can let make your rackets totally customized Including grip size and shape!

Seems odd to be Rafa's racquet when it has Babolat Pro Hurricane strings.

Those are RPM with Pro Hurricane, everything is fake!!! ;)

Are you saying they paint Pro Hurricane on his RPM strings?

Well I was just kidding, but I had not seen black pro hurricane before(may be just me), and I have not seen RPM in a 15ga either. I know he was using Black Duralast when RPM first came out so that we all thought he was using the new RPM.

Geez, I go out and practice my serves tonight and all these responses! Well, I hadn't noticed those strings with the Pro Hurricane painted on there. Well, this might be an old picture with his old setup. He was still using Duralast even though Babolat had advertised him using Pro Hurricane. So that would explain that string stuff.

Hal is right. They definitely don't make RPM Blast in 1.35 gauge. There's a discussion that the weight of the strings alone change the balance point to the 33 cm balance he uses.

Right, Joe, pros use paintjobs when they don't want to switch to a new frame. They don't want to have to learn a new frame again. It is said that Agassi used the same Trysis 260 with Liquidmetal and Instinct paintjobs. Kuerten is said to use the same Head Pro Tour 630, even using a Head Ti Fire with a cosmetic throat bridge. Djokovic is definitely not using the retail Speed Pro. 

Some of the guys get a hand on one of the actual racquets and they measure everything, and put it on TW forum. Kiteboard is the member who put this up.


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