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We all get what we wanted! Sorry Murray fans but this is another highly anticipated match in this rivalry. Who do you guys like before the match begins.

My Pick: Rafa in 3

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Wow, 6-3, 6-1. That's a drubbing!

That was my pick - Rafa in two easy sets.  I have it on tape.  Have you heard the radio show we did?

I didn't think it would be that bad. Novak did not show up and really got smashed.

What a nice victory.  Go Rafa!  Obviously Djoko wasn't at his best, but this has to do wonders for Rafa's confidence going forward.

Djoko looked very noncommital and apathetic. He definitely did not look fierce or that he was going to run down every retrieval Nadal did. He didn't even dig his feet into the clay much when Rafa switched directions on him. I wasn't very happy watching this match, because Djoko didn't go 100%.

In his defense, he had just found out his grandfather that he was really close to died. Tennis is important, but still submits to the pain of losing a loved one..

He did say he was emotionally spent. I just wished he would've fought to win one for his grandfather. It would've been dramatic.

The show must go on, as the actors say.

Well, and if it truly effected him that badly, why didn't he just drop out, go home, mourn with his family and gain that closure that comes with losing a loved one.  He probably did himself a disservice.  Guess we will see.  But if he is going to go out there, there can be no excuses.

That is exactly how I feel. He needs to go out there fierce or not at all. Now, Djoko has to deal with a resurgent Nadal who has picked up steam from the victory. If he had not played, Nadal would still be itching his head with some doubts. But now, Nadal has no doubts and is full steam ahead.

Totally agree.  Bad "chess" move by Djoko.

I don't believe that at all. He knows Djoko just lost someone he was close to, and is well aware that any other time the match would have been far more competitive. If anyone would understand the difficulties of playing when ur spent emotionally, he would. And I'm not saying Djoko made any excuses. But I don't think you're giving him enough credit. I'm sure he wanted to play well for his grandfather. But there's only so much you can push yourself to do when you're that sad.

The momentum has shifted. Djoko is slowly losing the momentum, as number 1 in the world. His game is at a standstill technically while everyone else in tour is adjusting their game to beat his.

Djoko's serve is not putting out many aces, it is mostly up the middle. He's not zipping his backhand down the line as often. The forehand doesn't seem to rip like last year.

I am wondering even before the grandfather's death, more like at Indian Wells, whether he's going to be a dominant number 1 for very long.


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