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In the wake of the highly anticipated tennis matchup between members Bryan Tuck and Jake Christner, proposed by none other than the famous (or infamous) CoachV, I have come up with an idea:  possible matchups between other 'opolis members!  The viability of the matches will be determined by several factors:

     1. NTRP rating, and experience

     2. Playing styles

     3. Claimed skills

     4. Other variables, such as height, age, etc.

For my first proposed match, I submit the heavy hitters:  CoachV vs. Tim Prapong!  Opinions on who might win this matchup are greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer:  Trash-talking is fun and welcome, but please limit the profanity.  These may only be hypothetical matches, but if they do happen, awesome!

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Money on Timmeh!!!

HA why there is no logic to that. & I will play tim Whats the Driving time from Atlanta?

Actually, we were discussing it earlier, Coach.  Speed and stamina goes to cat-like Tim, while sheer, brutal power and more extensive experience goes to Coach.  Not sure if age or height plays a factor, but we agree it will most likely be a five-setter.

Age and Height Does matter Case in point Isner VS Federer Davis Cup 2012. but then again What about when it really Counts like OPENs

Of course, age and height matters. Why wouldn't it? I'm nowhere the footspeed as when I was 25. Plus, I can't hit 120 mph serves. My height doesn't allow it. lol

Joe, who were you talking about this with? Chin, put your money back in your pocket. lol

What I actually meant was who had the age and height advantage.  I wasn't sure about either of your specs in those regards, so please enlighten us! 

Me: 5'7'' 140 lbs, 40 years old. No tour experience, just friendly hits.

Coach V is taller and younger. Tour experience.

Apples and oranges, Joe. ;)

Coach is not much taller, nor much younger.  As for tour experience, that is why I was giving the advantage to him in that regard.  Anyways, it would be a good match, if only in our heads.  I know geography would be prohibitive, much in the same way that a match with me and Chin Be would be.  However, I don't think that match would sell quite the same amount of tickets, he he he!

He's like 5 years younger or something. Well, heck. I think he said something about coming to IW, just needed a room. It would be great to have a hit and talk about backhands.

CoachV is 5'7" 195lbs 35yo. Highest ranking 5# men's 30 Georgia

Ah, you guys! You're talking apples and oranges. Coach V has TOUR experience, I don't. Experience matters. Even though I can hit all kinds of styles and shot, and I am reasonably fast, I would expect Coach V to win through his tour experience. I don't have any such experience. I'd love to hit with him and we'd have good games though. :)

I hope he comes out to Indian Wells so I can trade rallies with him, play some points. I'm 40 years old, 5'7'', 140 lbs. Brainy but fit. I've hit with three Challenger players, a Grand Prix tour, two ex college players in my life. But Coach V, he's hit with real tour players!


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