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Look Closely, I'll Give You 3 Chances To Find What Is Wrong w/ Photo

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The all white attire is only used at Wimbledon by Roddick.  How many mistakes are there besides that one?
He is not Wearing a watch.  Tennis ball has no clay on it. and wearing White. there is no drag  from his feet on the clay. his Left arm looks funny. Its Andy roddick on clay, thats whats wrong too.
Damn, you guys are good!  The last one:  It's Andy Roddick on Clay!
So what did i win.

The respect of all your peers!

And the title of "Mister Outside-The-Box of March 2011".

YES! When will my Title be featured?
On top of his feet not dragging on the clay, there's no clay on his shoes & socks neither.
So, he's not doing it right, right?  Right.
Shows who the real tennis players are right CoachV....

to be honest I just stole your answer with the white attire. Sounded right to me. PS look at my tennis Shoe.

Look familiar?

If you Guessed Andy Roddick Reebok. you are correct. Its the Andy reebok Pump. I only have 1 new pair left after these. Black with White stripe. these are black & red.

Holy cow.  He hasn't worn those for a while.  Did you stock pile them, and now that this is your last pair, what will you start wearing?
yes I did stock pile them. I have a habit of only using them for tournaments and training when the Supply was going low in my shoe size.  I usually buy a Crap pair for teaching and going around. But, I got no money now so I was forced to use my red ones. I still have 1 new pair of Black with White stripe in storage. ( they haven't seen a tennis court or the light of day yet.). this was/is a great sneaker. the only problem they weight 1 lbs each.Thats not a problem for me because I much rather have the support. I bought these for $45.


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