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Look Closely, I'll Give You 3 Chances To Find What Is Wrong w/ Photo

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Sorry to hear your pile is dwindling.  Have you decided yet on a replacement for those when that day comes?

if they still have my size when the time comes. I thing these are ugly enough. I really like ugly tennis shoes. or go back to reebok


Ok, so what is the deal with ugly shoes?  And why Reebok?  I have always had support problems with Reebok.  So I use the "out of date" Barricade II. 
Since andy was with reebok, the support became great. I once owned a pair when I was 14. the reebok shoe damaged my Heal with spurs and blistered my toes. 16 years go by and the after market Pump from Andy Error was on Sale. Got 1 pair, and I was in heaven. time to stock my shelf. reebok redeemed its product in my eyes. even my sweater that shrunk to a size small, I still sport, and all of my Reebok Warm-ups are from Sports authority like 20-30dollars a set. so very cost effective and great quality. Even some of my white shorts are reebok and have held up for the last 7 years. and are still white today.
dUDE!  I thought that i was the only one that loves ugly tennis shoes!  Right now I'm wearing some silver and black barricade 4's.  I used to wear some really ugly red and black prince ones.  It is fun to wear them kicking around town and to see the looks and get a few comments about them!
Oh, you aren't the only one.  I used to wear some ugly Fila shoes several years ago, but it was like wearing a glove, I loved those things.  But definitely got the looks.

Fila got me started with UGLY. the waasibi green shoe Match my prokennex waasibi green bag. But the manufacturer made all the sizes half inch too small. and it was supposed to be a main line not the cheapos. so they discontinued it.

no green shoe for the red clay at tennis port.

Was this your Prince Shoe? with the Michelin Tire Man

my leg is the one with the brace. The other shoe next to mine is my students first tennis sneaker.  which he got right before he left for college GT.


im diggin the reeboks i posted. thats my next shoe. sorry prince. you just look a little prettier.

No, even uglier!


Yeah but how much do they cost?
Coach V - Start a new thread for people to post their ugly shoes!
I had those in white with the green ball. They are heavy super comfortable but heavy.


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