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Look Closely, I'll Give You 3 Chances To Find What Is Wrong w/ Photo

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yes that is the Black and White Stripe. my last pair.
Hey mark did you notice that the Ball is going to Andy but Andy has finished hitting and is on his follow through?

Well, unless he just pulled that ball out of his nice clean pocket, there is no way that any ball will be bright yellow after hitting the ground a few times on red clay...


Or is there another zinger here too?



Hey JJ, Coach V guessed it on the first page of replies.   It was a bit of a trick question - answer:  Roddick on Clay is never right.


HOWEVER - He proves me wrong just today.  Beats Chile on clay to advance the Davis Cup mission.

Thats the weird thing about Roddick.  He can play on it if he is patient.  Sometimes he just doesn't look like he wants to be out there and put in the effort.  It is weird.  He does do better when it is in the name of the U.S. though.  At least there is that.


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