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Great news imo, mental fortitude is lendl's strength, hope it rubs seems murrsy went to see him recently and the deal was done, lendl has never coached before and I'm sure he won't accept any of murray's silly antics, it could be a match made in heaven.....or hell.

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"To me this is like Groundhog Day – I have been in this movie," Lendl told the Times. "I was that player once, who needed something to help make it work, it was the same as I was before I hired Rochey. What happened then changed my career around."

The Czech-born US citizen continued: "What excites me about this partnership? More than anything, it is simply that this is absolutely the best match-up.

"Our senses of humour are very similar and we have an understanding that we need to bring our best all the time if we want to achieve.

"I didn't get everything I wanted from tennis, not everyone does, but it is about not wasting chances. It does not mean that it will work as we want it, but I believe it will."

Hi Meags,


Indeed, Ivan Lendl will surely add another layer to the dimensions of the Andy Murray mental game.  I hear so many people bash Andy for not winning a grand slam, but everyone should be reminded that he still has plenty of time in his career to make the needed adjustments and changes to move to the next level.  


-Jason Lampione 


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