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I saw this discussion is in the eye of the beholder.....apparently Armani and I see things similarly......nadal is the new face of Armani underwear and jeans....he is uniquely nadal....

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I'm not in a position to say. haha.  But his facial expressions often looks like he just smelled some doo doo.  lol

Maybe he did. You never know if a fan behind him did something. lol


so he is like jim carey then....a facial contortionist.....he has a silly side...tells you he has sense of humor.... lol

I was a background extra and Jim Carrey was doing a scene. He was very serious... like Nadal. lol

Cool.  Which movie was that for?

I've heard extras have to wait around all day in a tent with nothing to do.  Is that true?

The movie was Yes Man. Sometimes we're in a tent, a hotel lounge, a parking lot garage, wherever they can fit us. We bring books, DVD players, walkmans, laptops or tell corny jokes and quips all day long. The guys hit on the girls and vice versa. 

Hey! be nice! lol



I am nice......I adore nadal...

i knoiw i know :)



How about this headline I just coined:  "Underwear Picks Nadal, Turnabout is Fairplay".

lmao   good 1 


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