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Am I the only one that believes Rafael Nadal is on steroids?

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I'm fairly certain that Rafa juices. His physique was built quickly and he was a skinny child. Granted, he turned pro at the tender, pubescent age of 15 so some, "some" of his current musculature can be attributed to simply filling out BUT he looks to have added about 20 lbs. of lean muscle mass to his frame. Still that's not what I find most incriminating. His injuries, primarily his ongoing battle with tendinitis which kept him from winning a single event for three quarters of the 2009 season, are tell-tale juicer injuries. His hair is thinning, again, that could simply be due to genetically predisposed male pattern baldness but an overproduction of testosterone would have the same effect.

Also, nearly no one cites the primary reason for taking steroids or performance enhancing drugs in the first place. Testosterone helps improve HAND-EYE COORDINATION, that's right, spread this fact like wild fire, this is what baseball players know: steroids helped them hit fastballs. This is a tightly guarded secret but I heard a Saint Louis University doctor hold forth on this subject in reference to Big Mac's return to baseball as the new Cardinals' hitting coach. Big Mac wouldn't concede that steroids had any on-field positive effects aside from improved health, an ironic argument given his abrupt career ending injury, tendinitis, but I digress. Rafa probably juiced for a time but he's seen what it has done to his body and he's probably tapered off. How did he avoid getting caught? Tennis hasn't been as vigilant as MLB or the NFL until recently and they still don't test for EPO and other blood, gene doping substances. Also, marquee players don't typically get caught. Landis gets nailed; Armstrong is bullet proof. Until a sport becomes synonymous with steroid use the marquee names are not to be touched or implicated in any way. I've read that Carl Lewis juiced as much as Ben Johnson but the IOC covered it up, why? Because Carl Lewis was the face of track and field, if that face is tarnished then the entire enterprise folds. Until there's a PR benefit to be gained in the aggressive prosecution of a particular sport's superstars they will continue to get a free pass. Tennis players have grown substantially bigger and stronger in the last 20 years and they are flat out crushing their ground strokes at 100 plus mph. Is all of this attributable to better equipment? Some of baseball's escalating home run numbers were the result of a "live" ball, smaller stadiums and players were generally taking their fitness more seriously than players of previous eras, sound familiar? Those are basically the baseball versions of the same arguments made in defense of tennis players. Baseball players juiced in droves, DROVES, to the tune of entire starting lineups on several squads. I'm sure Jose and Mark injected each other in the rear end in the clubhouse before games. Wake up people. Tennis players juice and not just the ones who are struggling to win matches but the big names are guilty. Until Tennis becomes a byword for cheaters the game's superstars will escape culpability but their days are numbered. Rafa is vehemently opposed to random testing, I wonder why.
If he is juiced, you'll never find out until about 2040...when he writes a book about it called--Re-Opened or whatever Agassi title was. I think he's doing some serious knee things--like maybe shots, drugs, etc BUT he's been playing for a long time and highly ranked so to catch him...It won't be possible for awhile.

so in the end, I think he's juiced but uncatchable as he is so good at it, that you'll never get him.
The testing for tennis has huge holes in it, which players can walk through. Half the top players missed one of their 2 out of competition tests in 2009. See this website for more details.
that guy has got to be on steroids.

with regards, Ivan Lendl Jr.
It is sooooo funny how when a person, athlete, businessman reaches a certain level of success everyone tries to bring them down to their level. How about Sacrifice, Hard-Work, and Dedication is the primary reason why these people stand far apart from everyone else. To assume that someone is taking drugs because of a weight gain, weight loss, or because they significantly improve is ridiculous. Just enjoy a great athlete and a great family with strong morals, but I enjoy all the replies to this link
Are you talking about Barry Bonds?


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