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Federer is 21-2 since the US Open...he is the hottest player on the tour. Does this make him the favorite for the Aussie Open now? Can he regain number 1 next year?


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Let me check my crystal ball. I'll be right back.
Yes. The ball says yes. Fed will have a renaissance in 2011, and then slip up in 2012, the age gracefully and retire in 2014.
what happened to 2013? lol ... well he is the man to beat again...despite his age ... after this one can say he's not still in contention!

I guess in 2013 he is busy aging gracefully!
Fed has 3 great years left...he is hungry still and loves tennis
its neck and neck. Federer must show he can beat Nadal in a major Final. Nadal has already won every other event including the Olympics Which only happens* what *every four years. it was Nadal's first time at that final SO i say its doesn't really court and its a round robin format.
i prolly agree with this too...but i'll bet it counts to roger!!!

rodger didnt have to worry about playing a 5 set -er either. doesn't count.
that is so harsh - the man just took down every one of the top tennis players in the world - and it "doesn't count". ;-) BTW we all know that you can make it to the top of the rankings without ever winning a major, so the 5 set rule does not have to apply. But I do think Fed will win another major in 2011. Do you?
Excellent Question.
What I feel is that Federer has never Beaten Nadal at a Major Final and he needs to. The One dispute between them is the US-Open final. Whether Federer beats Nadal in any other final Doesn't matter because he will be playing to tie. but if they meet in the finals of the US-open Then THE FED will have something to really prove against THE NAD. And as a fan Thats what Im betting on. IF he Loses to Nadal at the USopen final and doenst beat nadal in any on the other finals then YES hes on his way out, but really hes smarter than most other players on the tour. He will have an Agassi type career many more years to come. From Fed except the NAD is in his Face. and yes its supposed to sound wrong-*funny* BTW check out my comment on pre-match rituals.
I agree with Mr. Mayor. You have to give credit where credit is due. However, I think Federer has a few good years left in him and he will 2 majors this year! I'm sure we will see Nadal and Federer in the finals in a lot of these majors. Don't count out Djokovic though, almost beat Federer at the U.S Open!
He was the hottest on slick indoor courts. Do I think he will be the favorite for the Aussie Open? No. I think that goes back to Rafa, who when healthy over a 5 set match right now is not beatable. In best of 3 set matches I believe that Fed will always have a chance. But over the course of a 2 week best of 5 set Major, he has probably seen his best days. The only way he wins is is someone gets hot and knocks out those that have presented Fed with all the problems the last two years.


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