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Hi guys,

We are steadily closing in on quite a big milestone, 50,000 members!  Today we are almost at 47,000.  I have not run the numbers to see exactly when we should hit 50k based on current growth rate, but it will probably be in a couple of months.

Do you have any ideas on how we can celebrate it and possibly use it as a promotion too to let all the tennis players that still have not heard about us know that we are here? 

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mark what about doubled accounts from people who created 2 accounts? and forgot the first one?

There aren't that many of those and you can't really track them down anyway.  I'm not worried about that.

People who join for the 30% Discount code. possible conditions!!!

1. Must have complete profiles,

2. Must have had Scheduled meet up at least once.

3 Have at least 10 Friends.

4 Have at least 5 discussions or post,//// NO ads or promotions

I like that idea, but who's providing the 30% off deal?  A sponsor?   We'd need to start lining that up right away!  I've found that most commercial sponsors will not go above 15 or 20% if at all.  But I definitely like your idea that the winner's account should be a real account.

I think we should work on finding a sponsor and if can get that, then we hammer down the details.  M

We can do simply.... Give out Awards...... like best blog, best spammer, Best Advertisement, Best Chat room person, The Best of Tennisopolis, This way by offering our own awards we give credit to us, by the authority of us, thus tennisopolis is leading tennis social web in the world so say us by our own authority. and then take a pole vote simular to the like button. and by a certian time the winner get prize X and down the line. this way not 1 person will get 1 thing but the more you get people to sign up you get most invitationals award, and it can be a simple thing as 30% off with wilson. ETC instead of getting big items for 1, or small items for all, how about 5 medium or low medium prizes for those who have supported the site over the years. Im sure making it into a longer event will attract more sponsors.

the event can start when we have 50k members. so only those in before the 50k mark can enter. and those after the 50k mark can suppport and learn more about tennisopolis.

I like that Best Of Tennisopolis idea.  We are also up to 49,340 members!  So we gotta hustle if we are going to do it.  And wouldn't you know, I'm super busy at the moment.

Here's an order of business:

1.  Locate a sponsor (or 3).

2.  Create a list of prizes (I have a few saved up.)

3.  Develop the rules, and the logo/ name.

4.  Promote on FB, Twitter, tennis forums, etc.

5.  Solicit competition/ content from users.

6.  Voting and award of prizes.

note:  the whole contest should center around getting more members and engaging the ones we already have.

I am Gonna Tweet and Email Wilson. for a coupon.

I have also ask Brad Gilbert to do a 30 min interview.  with ius..... any other ideas, I have also asked for sponsors.

That's cool.  Have you followed up with him?  A 30 minute call-in interview would be interesting.  Is there any other way we can leverage this opportunity?  In other words, what is the best thing we could ask of Brad that he would might be willing to do for us?


I was thinking, 10 min Q&A    the top 5 on the leader boards get to ask a question to brad about fixing their games. Then he will be tested on his sports knowledge 5 question brad has 1 minute to answer, brad likes all sports and has plenty of knowledge about stuff.    and anything brad want to promote for 5 minutes. Thank Brad sponsors and anyone else that helps in the production last 5 mins.

I have not contacted him since, this is not my site, I only live here.. So mark-the mayor or elected administrator please contact Brad through his website as requested.

Brad also likes BUD ICE, so we will also need a local tennisopolite near him to bring him a 6-pac of bud ice.  mark you got my number txt me.


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