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I had two big problems with last year's version, the 2.3. First, the heel with the AirMax unit would become too mushy and caused my heel to ache after long matches. Also, the arch support was lacking completely, with the entire sole being flat from heel to toe. I started getting plantar fascitis and had to wear hard green Spenco arch supports.


The 3.3. solves these two problems with a stiffer heel with more rubber, and an intriguing solution to the arch support issue. Nike has put in a stretch elastic material in bands around the mid section. Also, the lacing system is connected to six thin straps, three around each side of the mid foot. The insole is thicker and cups around the arch. Finally, the sole has two hard pieces of plastic in the arch which curve inwards. The sole is no longer flat from toe to heel. I no longer have to use Spenco arch supports!


The rubber is better and it is more breathable. I am glad to have tried these, as I was about to try the Barricade VI, but these were slightly cheaper and have been improved to the point I want another pair for backup.


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The CB 3.3 seems more expensive at $99 and 6.0 is $95 at TW.  I just ordered the 6.0 for $85.  I wasn't sure if CB3.3 were as durable, although I love the blue color to match my Bab Roddick GT.  6.0 are stiff and I'm still breaking them in after 4 hrs.  Small blister on the outside of both big toes, but stability is great.  Adidas 6.0 looks much more "pro" and expensive than Nikes, which looks like kid's shoes or amateur.
I have those, nice shoes, love the new heel cushion.
Funny thing is, I have switched to the Barricade 6.0s and find the heel cushion to be superior. The arch support is also better and the rubber is firmer. The CB 3.3 is a fine shoe, but the Barricade 6.0 won me over.
Interesting, used to be adidas guy, but the Barricades killed my heel and had to switch. No heel problems since I went back to Nike's. The arch of the adidas shoes seemed to be getting a little to high also.

Thanks Tim


I really liked the CB 2.3's but I also liked the higher arched "on your toes" feel of the Vapor line so I am happy to hear they have improved the arch support. My biggest problem is the room in the forefoot, especially on the right for some reason, Its not too bad but still not as good as the vapors.

What are the new ones like in this department??

The great thing about these shoes is the inner sock, your foot feels real snug. Nike have gone half way with the new Vapors and my problem with these is my heal/ankle feel unsupported.



I have a pair of Vapor 8s lying in wait in my trunk. When I tried them on in the store, the forefoot feel was completely perfect. Snug as a bug. But as you say, the heel and ankle doesn't have enough support. Maybe that was where they partly kept the weight down on the shoes.

The CB 3.3 do not have that "arched on your toes" feel. I bought the Sorbothane "Ultra Arch" insole which changed the alignment of the foot with the CB 3.3. It has a graphite arch and a 4mm sorbothane PU heel pad, so it changed the 3.3 into a more "on the toes" feel.

I see you are really following through forward on the serve. I've been working on that myself, watching the Krajicek serve. A source of tremendous power. 



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