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Post PICs of your woody that you play tennis Racquets I mean. Post only the racquets

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String the racquet at 40LBS. 45 too tight. and i use what ever laying around to strinig it.. woodies are usually 18x20 string pattern and are strung 1 way like a prince o3, wilson rollers, t3000

Too funny. You tell me 40lbs which I imagined too low and Paul tells me 60lbs which I thought would crumble the racquet. You have any problems with warping the racquet? 

on the prostaff yes. there is some spooning at 40lbs. but the string bed is so tight at 18x20 that at 40lbs feels normal. its like 58lbs on a 98 square inch racquet. put some poly-on ice from gosen in it and you will never have to sting the racquet again. really gosen's polyon ice last that long.

60 lbs. with natural gut is just a little tight.  Gut is the most resiliant (most powerful), string there is with a stiffness rating at about 100-120.  Borg and Sampras strung their racquets with gut at near 80 lbs.  55 lbs would be as loose as you would want to go with natural gut.  Polyester has a stiffness rating between 250-350.  I wouldn't string an old woody with poly.  That might damage the racquet.  But, if you did string an old wood racquet with poly, with a head and typical 18x20 string pattern, 40 lbs would feel very tight because the string is so stiff.

Yes, agreed that as in any racquet poly vs. natural gut tension will be at different levels. And I get that resiliency of NG is superb. But the head size is so small and I don't know if 60lbs may cause warping. When I had my pure drive, my NG tension was 60lbs and that was good. In my current 98 head, I hybrid with NG in main at 57lbs. Anyway, I'm getting basic synthetic gut at 45lbs and I can make adjustments from there

In the 70's, I used several different woodies (Kramers, Dunlop Forts, Davis Classics and Davis Imperials), and strung them with Victor Imperial Gut (the best gut ever made), at 60 lbs.  Borg used to string his woodies (Slazengers, Bancrofts and Donnays), at 80 lbs.  If you want the next best thing to NG, try Technifibre X1 Biphase.  It's the closest thing to NG on the market.  I would string that 2-4 lbs. looser than NG.

ok coach V here's is my collection. . i do the very same thing you do and your statements are right on the money. mine are strung @ 35 with 18G synthetic strings


another thing, these rackets will reveal the flaws you have, there are just some things you can't get away with when hitting with these. again, these are great practice tools and are still available.

That is a cool selection! Very nice.

gotta love those open throat woodies. would it be nice to see a pro tournament use these? first round losers can play like a consolation bracket.

thanks for sharing

Took my woody out for a hit today with the first decent weather in Chicago.


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